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Hey breeders, this is a bit of a stream of consciousness to find an an

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So I'm thinking about a Frisian Duck (fem) x buddha white dwarf auto (reg/male).


Objective being duck and auto. After combing the net, I can see its been a very difficult objective because both desirables are recessive.


**Assuming both parents are 100% stabilised** the F1's would carry the genes, but would not be expressed.


All F1's would be aABb. 


F2's would have 9 pheno's only 6.3% of these would be aabb post-58744-0-43992200-1469278655_thumb.png. That means, statistically I would have to raise 100 seeds to get 6 that showed both duck and auto. Assuming this F2 would have 50/50 male female.... Would these then have to be selected based on potency and yield? I think I have answered my own question..... it's a bit out of my scope.


So for F3's.


Is the F2 selection just a guessing game? Would it be best to focus on one trait, i.e., get an F2 auto male (aaBb @ 12.5%), save the pollen and see how it performs on 10 or so F2 females (aaBb) to maybe get the (25% of F3's) duck leaf auto? since autos have the advantage of quick sexing, it would be pointless selecting on the duck trait... (6.3% would not carry the auto gene where 12.5% would).


Kaly has had some success (my German is at a conversational level), however from what I can tell the stabilised strain is of average potency...and they want €120. Per seed. Financially it seems crazy there's nothing like this from commercial genetic suppliers.


I'm sure there's a lot more to it as far as delivering a potent auto duck is concerned, but I think the world needs an auto that looks like a raspberry bush!


Any breeders out there in in a similar predicament? am I missing something altogether? 




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Hey koura.

I am also interested in this varitity.

I don't have enough knowledge to guide you with your questions as such,

However from what I have been reading the best way to keep the traits is to keep a mother and father plant going to take clones from and so on.

This would mean a fair bit of commitment over a long time.

You can also cross the plants with the most traits you are looking for.

As no one has replied to you on this forum I recommend you checkout icmag forum, you will find all the info you are after.

Good luck

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