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Outdoor harvesting & flushing questions

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Hi all. 

Some of you might remember me asking about the split seedling a few months ago. Anyway, she's been going gangbusters despite the late planting. Kills me to imagine how good she could've been if I'd planted at the right time of year. Anyhoo, I have a few questions re: harvesting and flushing.

First, I'm a bit confused about the info I've read about hairs changing colour. I bought a jeweller's thing so I can inspect the trichomes, however when I read info about harvesting it seems to be referring to the larger hairs that grow through the buds. Should I be focussing on the colour of the trichomes to know when it's time to harvest? If someone can clear this up I'd really appreciate it.

Second, I've only recently heard about the concept of flushing. Is this only important if you've been feeding with a lot of nutrients or chemical-based stuff? I raised mine on water + red/white seasol. Since it's been flowering I switched to purple seasol every few days. Do I need to flush prior to harvesting based on this routine?

Lastly, is there a way of knowing from my pictures how long I can expect flowering to continue? If it's going to be a while I might need to find a new location..

Really appreciate the advice so far and in the future!




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Definitely trichome colour for harvest timing.  Minimum mostly cloudy for most peoples tastes, through to over half amber for those chasing a more narcotic body stone, all depends on what sort of buzz you like.


Flushing is not mandatory, but is preferable.  Less important for organic soil grows, more important the more artificial fertiliser/nutrients used.  Just give them a week on plain water once the trich's reach the desired stage.


Can't really tell from those pics, maybe 4 weeks give or take 2?  Final maturation can take longer outdoors, particularly when cold.


Patience is a virtue in cannaland :D

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Thanks Sir!

I've been good with my patience thus far, up until the other day. I'd been getting a bit concerned by the lack of odour from my plant, so I gave one of the buds a little pinch. Boy oh boy...the aromas that wafted up from it were beyond description! Sooo sweet and powerful! It also left my finger quite sticky...

So as you can see - I've become a bit overwhelmed by eagerness now that the finish line is in sight!

In three weeks I'm due to go overseas for a month. If it were yours, would you harvest and dry prior to leaving or upon returning? Will potency decrease if left for 3-4 weeks past preferred harvest time?  

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Can't really answer that for you, it's a call only you can really make, and would depend on where the buds are at a week or 2 before you have to leave, and if you can have them looked after or not, etc.


If they are just hitting peak maturity, an extra 4 weeks would likely have them drifting into THC degrading to CBN, but not by too much.  If they were where I like them and left for 4 more weeks they would definitely be well on the downhill run.  Have a look at your trichomes, and your situation, and make a decision based on that.

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