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Thx Oz,  but if u dont have a light set up, & u wish to try a mother only for cloning purpose, in the spring , for your outdoor adventure, how is this possible?

Trimming back 2 stop flowering , all good , but will they survive a winter inside without light,

Or is that essential , 18 hrs of artifical light, or will the normal winter hrs of light & warmth be enough, to keep her going? for cloning purposes


Yes u do need artificial light to keep it but just a few cfl's will keep a mother plant going for very lil running cost...

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hi have had a bit of trouble with my clones not rooting maybe the clone gel is gone off or have i over watered them ive cloned these plants befor with no trouble how often should i be spraying them  for the first 4 days ? i was spraying them every hour is that to much ?

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I don't spray them. I want them to make roots to feed themselves. Keep em under a fluoro at either 24hrs or 18. In a seedling tray inside two empty Chinese food containers. That way I put water in bottom one and put top on for humidity(if they are tall I put sticks at corners to prop it up). Open it every now n then. Freshen up the water every couple of days. Works for me. Edited by Bazza
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hello how many times can i clone a clone and clone of that clone ?and on and on ?

There are lots of opinions , as far as strain specifics I can't say , but I was given clones that I kept going for 13 years ,at any given time I'd have one to three


moms ,those moms were replaced by their clones on average every six months so that's approx 26 generations


I don't know how many generations old they were when I got them but I know they weren't cut from the original seed mother


I saw no Degredation in yield or quality nor in aroma


As long as the moms are thriving you will get healthy clones


Even a shitty clone from a weak mother , when grown out for a while till its strong will be just as good a mom


Also another strain of cuttings I kept for 3 or 4 years was likewise.


A cutting after 26 generations is still a carbon copy of the original


It will perform ,depending on how you treat it , just like the original


That's my opinion from my experience. Hope it helps

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SE is right... there is not limit to how long a strain can be kept through cuttings or cloning.


however some breeders have noticed small changes in their strains over time through cloning.. weather or not the changes were growing environmental effects or not is unknown ... but because of this fact.. some breeders will clone a strain 5 times or more.. then release it again as a "clone only".

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