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as long as the "mother plant" is healthy.. you can clone as much and as long as it is possible.


so years an years or generations and generations.


i currently have one mother plant.. two cuttings from her... and two cuttings from them... they all look identical.


i have friends over seas that jave cloned from a plant for 11 years or so.

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Both replies are correct, but seemed to interpret you differently. 


torrietree is right if you take a clone and then clone that clone, then clone that clone and so on and so on, there is a point of genetic degradation, meaning 6 years down the road, the plant will have evolved do to some genetic degradation, it will still be a cannabis plant, not like it will turn into a fern or a pine tree, but it might not be exactly like the first generation. This method of generation cloning is for those that don't keep a mother plant. 


Gumby1 is also right but seems to be talking about taking clones from a mother, then next round taking clones from that mother again, and so on and so on....with this method the time period is indefinate, The mother will always be the same and so every time you take clones from her they are still classed as 2nd generation plants. Mother being the 1st generation and babies being 2nd generation. Obviously this method of parentage cloning is for those with the space for a mother plant.

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Thx 4 that Monk,  but how can u keep a mother plant going for years, if u wish to take clones from her each spring for an outdoor grow ??

I presume it would be potted or almost a bonsai, & not aloud to flower, then winter months kept warm

I understand how cloning from a clone , then again shall eventually weaken the plant, but a mother should stay more reliable


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Thx Oz,  but if u dont have a light set up, & u wish to try a mother only for cloning purpose, in the spring , for your outdoor adventure, how is this possible?

Trimming back 2 stop flowering , all good , but will they survive a winter inside without light,

Or is that essential , 18 hrs of artifical light, or will the normal winter hrs of light & warmth be enough, to keep her going? for cloning purposes


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