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Brown enough yet?

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I agree. Bit of a way to go yet.

Without a loupe or magnifier of some sort it is very difficult to near impossible to actually see the trichomes.

The hair colours can give you some indication, but is very much an old school method of telling maturity.

For a more refine indication you need to view the trichomes and for that you need a lens.

Here's an example.

This pic shows the brown hairs clearly, but the fine white trichomes are a little harder to define


Here you can see the mass of white hairs, but you cannot define the colour of the little droplet on top of the hair


Here you can see a slight change in the colour of the droplets from clear to yellowish tone. In my opinion they need a bit more time so that droplet turns a nice amber brown, then flush to harvest.



Hope it helps


P.S. if you flush prior to full maturity, the maturing process will stop. So wait until you have the desired colour before you complete your final flush.

Here's a pic of some crystal clear trichomes. The hairs were all brown but the triches are nowhere near mature.


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