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outdoor scrog help

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I have an outdoor scrog I am attempting.  This is a Blueberry clone and I am not expecting much in the way of stretch come flower.


The plant was originally intended to be flowered already and therefore in a position where it wasn't supposed to get very tall.  If it get's more than another 40cm or so high it will be visible from the road.


Screen is 40cm high and approximately 1m2.


Questions are when do I remove the undergrowth and when would I need to stop tucking if first flowering date around here is 6th February.  Any and all suggestions welcome. 










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Hey Ange, nice looking plant first of all :thumbsup:, and you can't go wrong with a bit of Blueberry, mmmmm, muffins.


I did an outdoor SCROG with my BB99's last season for stealth reasons, unfortunately I didn't keep growth measurements to quote, but it is pictorally documented in the diary from that season.




About halfway down that page is about this time last year, but they did end up in flower a bit earlier than your stated date.  You'll have to scroll throug a few pages to get a rough guide of upward growth and response to a heavy prune and train in mid Jan, but that might help you get a bit of an idea.  Different plants stretch and flower differently, so it'll only be rough.  I did prune em pretty hard from memory, and it didn't seem to phase them at all.  Going of rough memory and guesstimate measurement, I reckon they probably put on upward growth from that start point  of up to 60cm on a couple of branches, but maybe averaged closer to 40-45cm?????  The BB99 isn't an overly stretchy plant at flower onset either, but being taller plants at the time might have pushed it a bit harder.


I'd be under there ripping out the undergrowth now though.  There'll be plenty of healthy solar panels left up top, so unless you know her to be a sensitive strain she should pull through happily, might even just slow down growth a little for a few days to help with height issues.  Would also give her plenty of time to recover before you do a final prune etc in a couple of weeks.


Hoping to see how she ends up in a few months

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Hey Crow,

                Stiritup states "...keep weaving it..." Do not weave, if weaved come harvest its an absolute bitch. What I do is to push the growth under the net, basically using the net as a weight, training the plant out like a starfish underneath. When the daylight hours lessen and the growth rate rapidly increases, allow that growth to grow up thru your netting. This will give you some nice stems for the buds to develop on.

I do agree with Stiritup on the pruning tho. In SCROG I strip all of the undergrowth out, it allows for maximum airflow. Air flow is a BIG thing when scroggin. If it's not getting light, its gone imo.



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Hey Crow, my plan is to stop tucking around the end of January. Im south to. Take whatever's left off around the same time. Then let her strecth! Probably put up my second screen late Jan / early Feb. Here's where I was at a few days ago. Just slowly working my way up, taking about a handful of leaves & shoots every few days. Never scrogged either but how hard can it be hey? :toke:



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As the others said do not remove a lot of growth at once. I have done too much at once and canned the whole grow cause the plant did nothing for weeks (at the time I wasn't sure what happened but am sure now it was my over enthusiastic pruning).


Most blueberries I have grown have had sativa influence and gained a fair amount of height.

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Thanks everyone for your help.


I did some pruning under the screen straight away.  I had already taken quite a bit by the time I read your reply Naycha lol  However I gave it a dose of Seasol and it hasn't skipped a beat.


med_gallery_51352_1514_22030.jpg  med_gallery_51352_1514_306216.jpg



With minimum effort I was able to scrounge a couple even bigger pieces of mesh to use for the screen. 



I think I probably still need to clear a bit more underneath though.  This taken at screen level. med_gallery_51352_1514_283539.jpg


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