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Anyone Used ozsmoke.com.au?

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Hey everyone, has anyone ever used the website http://ozsmoke.com.au/ before? I've not really ordered anything online before but I've heard ozbongs is really good, but they don't have the particular piece I'm looking for, neither does any "oil pourer" shop, if anyone has used it please let me know how the experience was and if you'd recommend it.

Thanks in advance. 


EDIT: I guess something worth mentioning is that their website is strikingly similar to that of ozbongs but I don't know if that's a standard layout but even the information on the FAQ is almost word for word the same, didn't know if I should consider that a red flag or not.


EDIT: Okay so apparently this is subliminal advertising, if I've broken a forum rule please let me know so I can fix the post and avoid doing it in future. But I do genuinely want to buy an Agung piece called warlock, picture attached, if anyone knows wher else to get this exact one or once again if you've had an experience with this site please let me know.


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Gotta love subliminal advertising....................

Sorry if it came off that way, but i'm being completely serious, if i've broken a forum rule please let me know and i'll amend the post to suit but I do genuinely want to buy a glass made by agung called the "Warlock" (I know cheesy name) and ozbongs doesn't have it.

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I have a somewhat similar but more complex multi-chambered Agung bong. It was an impulse buy and for the same price I could have got something much much better.


It will be a massive pain to clean and the grommets if they are airtight won't stay that way for long.


I would buy a glass on glass bong if given the choice again.

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