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Stealth CFL Fridge Grow Advice Needed

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Hey guys, 
I am about 3 weeks into my grow, and would really appreciate some advice on how i'm going so far. 

I have noticed a few lighter green leaves and some small black spots amongst them. Also, some leaves are getting folded edges in some parts.

I am using soil, just premium stuff from bunnings, with roughly 20% perlite mixed throughout. I am using a 200w CFL globe and it seems to have been doing just fine up until now. 


Also, i have just started using Fox Farm nutrients, in very small doses.


Here are some images, Any advice would be Greatly appreciated











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Hi Loki420,


Looks like you have some really big probs with your girl,Just like Lou said biggest prob you have is they looking to health.lol :twiddle: 


Keep up the good work with the grow.


One of the most likely  probs you may find with using soil is nutrient lock out from nutrient build up in the soil so don't feget to keep an eye out for that an give the girls a flush out with just straight water that has been PH adjusted an you should be fine.


All the best with the grow.



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