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Help please with a sick plant

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Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

Growing Medium: soil, perlite, coco

Growing Style: in pots

Watering/Feeding Frequency: 1-2 a day

Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): liquid fertilizer (sorry to be so vague I haven't got my head around this part yet)

PH Levels: 6.5-7

Temperature/Humidity Levels: nice spring weather, not very humid

Air Flow/Fans etc.: none, just outdoor

Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): sun

Growth Stage: I think veg

Plants Age: 4 weeks

Cannabis Strain: white widow


Hello all, I would like to start by thanking everyone for providing so much valuable information on these forums!


I am a first time grower, I have 3 nice little outdoor plants going and recently one has started to look a bit sick. All the plants have the same ph, same soil and roughly the same nutrients. Can anyone advise what might be happening with my plant. Thanks!!



And I have attached some pics of my healthy ones as well




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It's being watered daily to twice daily... definitely over watered. When a plant and it's growing medium are waterlogged it can't take up nutrients via the roots... this gives you the look of nitrogen deficiency regardless of the nutrient profile of the medium.


Cannabis likes its roots to cycle from wet through to dryish and then wet again. I suggest you lift up the pot and feel how heavy it is, now keep checking the weight of the pot, but don't water it again until the pot has lost around half of it's wet weight. Then it will be time to water and when you water, give it enough to thoroughly wet the pot (about 10% of the water you put in should run out of the bottom of the pot).


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To keep it alive you will need to feed it via foliar spray. Very dilute nutrients... so dilute infact that you would concieve of the solution as having no nutritional benefits whatsoever.

a 6th of the recommended application rates sprayed in the early morning and afternoon until the shade of green on the foliage darkens. Do not spray around midday.


Keep it under the shade somewhat until you could potentially nurture it to good health....





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a few days for the soil to dry out in the sun those plants have been bathed with..... and he wont be thanking us for saving his sickling now will he. I give it 4 days max under the sun with current treatments.Lou' your unbridled discourse we share is untrammeled. I simply dont have the energy.... or time. Where are the friendly grow-offs around here anyway? Nothing wrong with a lil nice and friendly lol competition.peace'


I'd go with lacking nitrogen as well



pulled any decent harvests lately bud?

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