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Temp troubles in Grow Fridge

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Hey all!

Long time lurker, first time poster :give_rose: .
So i recently converted an old fridge into a vegging cabinet as i would like to start a perpetual grow.
I will post pictures if i get enough interest but i will describe it in text for now.


1x 130w cfl (6400k) 
2x 48w cfl (5000k)
2x LED 15" side lights 
2x pc 150mm fan for exhaust
1x pc fan for active intake 
1x small 6" clip on fan

Now the temps in the cab when its up and running vary from 27-29 c...
I have a clip on fan that i have mounted to the top left hand corner of the cab to circulate air... the problem im having is that when the fan is turned on it seems to increase the temp by about 2-3 degrees?!?!?  :unknw: 
im really confused as to why this is happening i would have thought that it would lower temps or have little effect on them.
Im thinking of maybe downsizing the 2 48w cfl's to 28w to see if that has much difference. 

Hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of consistently maintaining 26-27 degrees.

Happy smokes :egyptdance: ,


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Hey Pepe


you could use one of these http://www.hydro4u.com.au/products/timers-control-electronics/elemental-controls/elemental-adjustable-differential



but I would not bother


27-29c going upto 30-33c


is not that bad


before to long you will out grow ur fridge


and moving to a tent with hid.....


it happens to everyone lol


happy growing!

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Thanks for all the responses guys. There are no plants in there currently (BETA testing at the moment) but my plan will be to run them during the night-time (of for 6 hours during the day)
The fan is plugged into the mains so it could be generating a bit of heat. I may take it down, switch the 48w cfls to 28w and add a small tower fan at floor level.
I should also add i decorated the inside of the fridge with a fire blanket (looks cool as shit) maybe this has something to do with it.
As far as im aware my exhaust system is pulling enough air... my only worry is will this hold up in the months of January 


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