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Yep, they be nana's.  Never been real sure about these, I've had them come out on several photo plants very late in flower, possibly due to the fact I over mature a bit, but those plants have not gone to seed.  Don't know if that's because it's too late for seeds to develop before harvest, or that those sort of nana's are sterile.  It's not hermie in the traditional sense, but a last ditch effort by the plant to get pregnant before dying, apparently.  Proper hermies I've had have either shown some traditional male flowers in amongst the girlie bits, or just developed little clumps of seeds here and there from male flowers hidden inside the bud.


To harvest or not, that's up to you really.  I'd probably try to see her through to full maturity, doesn't look too far off it, but maybe chop the 1 or 2 affected buds off in the meantime.  Possibly worth separating her from other plants if you have any in flower just to be on the safe side.  Another option if she's not a very big plant would be to go over her daily with a pair of tweezers and gently pluck any nana's out.

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thanks for the reply guys, this was my bagseed, she had a very hard life lol, stressed pretty much all the way through from one thing or another, and I mainly wanted a test plant to learn from, and she definitely delivered!!


there only seems to be nanas on one branch, so I might chop that branch and let the rest go for a week, was planning on chopping next Friday anyway

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