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Seeds in my not-so-sensimilla


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Hi Everyone,


I have two girls 28 days in flower. Things going swell. Beautiful frosty colas, lovely smell when I open the door....but then I spot them. Seeds. Here and there. So disappointed.


I've scoured the plants and can't find any bananas or male flowers. The only thing I can think of is I had a male spraying his pollen all over the place in the same room about 6-8 months ago, however I vacuum the room out and had it aired for a while before growing another lot.


Any advice? I'm not planning on chopping them down, unless someone says that the buds will be unsmokeable by the time harvest comes around.


Aah...I dunno. perhaps I'm just wanting a shoulder to cry on....



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Very high chance they will be female seeds Sharpie. I have had that happen a couple of times with different strains. The plant thinks it has to produce seeds to keep the plant reproducing itself. It does not necessarily mean you have a hermi. Just the plant throwing a few seeds here and there for self preservation. You will find, if you look hard enough, a male flower somewhere on the plant. So keep those seeds for your next grow to see what happens. You will be pleasantly surprised. Unless some of that pollen that you said escaped was still active and ferted the fems.

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got some pics mate , it dose sound possible but that's a long time for pollen to be round & active in your room

not a pollen chucka or breeder or pollen expert but spraying water on pollen will deactivate it instantly i think   


when things go wrong , we've all been there mate , sorry dude 

No. Sorry. My plants are only awake at night and the lighting is way too bad to get decent shots on my professional phone cam :-)


torrietree and brick, yeah that's the only consolation in this I guess. The only problem is the seeds might be prone to shemale-itis too....

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Found the little mother $%ckers. Two bunches of male flowers on the main stalk of the plant I suspected was the culprit. Not sure how I missed them earlier.


This plant has had a few stressful events, so no wonder. Out of interest, it's a Hortilab seeds Starbud.


The best quality photos I could get




I removed them by hand and placed them in to a plastic bag before washing my hands but I guess the damage is done now. Hopefully no more seeds emerge.

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