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Hey Happy,

                  I store 'some' of each grow, both bud and hash, and have done so for a long time, some of my stash is well over 10yr old. Admittedly the smoke has altered in that time, now whether this is due to decarboxylation or just the general breaking down of plant matter, I don't know. But even the 10+yr old smoke still has a kick and, again, although there is a hint of stale in some smoke the majority does still have a nice taste.

I was storing my smoke in mason jars and Maconna coffee jars.


But I dropped a large mason jar of primo bud and smashed it, now I like my joints and glass thru the smoke ain't safe. So now I use large coffee tins

Although I keep my smoke well hidden in a dark spot I was also concerned light deterioration in glass, the sealed tins stop this.


As for the hash, its pressed solid into small pucks approx. 2grams each. By pressing it, only the outer layer of the puck oxidizes


For storage they are sealed in the dark inside a cigar tube. This picture isn't very clear but you can see the cigar tube in the middle. The block in that pic isn't so much a puck of hash as a cylinder of hash lol and was a bitch to remove from the press but as it has less surface area to oxidize than the pucks its still a nice smoke.



So that's what I do



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