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Best method for long time cure / storage?

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IMO best way is in glass, seal the jar with duct tape and put jar in a cool dark spot and forget about it for a wile.


The 2 long cures i have done where both done that way.


The longest cured bud was about 8 months was lsg for me, lsd crossed bubble gum.


The smell and taste was magic...

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would it help to put a desiccant packet in there? 

could possibly hurt it - by taking too much moisture out of the bud

moisture content needs to be low but not 0% ( not sure of the exact % for optimum storage)


a well-dried bud needs nothing but dark place and a well-sealed container

if you're paranoid about mould etc, check on the bud every few days...

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I will say that I stored some buds for over 4 years in a ziplock bag inside a glass vitamin jar [not airtight] in a dark cupboard.  When I eventually took up smoking again and had them they were bloody fantastic. 


Just saying... they're not going to degrade quickly as long as they're sensibly stored as per all the above.

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