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Nfi if the tar catchers setup works sorry.


With buying a bong it can depend on many things.


My self i like all glass and basic none of all that fancy stuff some of them can have inside them.


The more fancy inside can make for a hard keeping clean.


For a basic all rounder, these arnt to bad.




But comes down to what you like, good luck and happy bong hunting...

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I agree that the fancy ones are harder to clean but I don't use the fancy one for everyday use.


I prefer a bong as not being a smoker I find it easier on the throat and lungs and I use an Ash Catcher as well.


I have a main one very much like the link Ozzy420 put in and I use it everyday. Its made of good sturdy glass is easy to hold and easy to clean. But when in the mood or when trying a new strain I get out a fancy one to enjoy the experience. The setup is a ritual and the final draw is cool, smooth and moist on the lungs.


It comes down to what you expect to get differently from using a bong and do you want the troubles (cleaning and safe storage away from doped up friends)


Are you going to use it for OIL's or just weed. they are usually 2 different pipes when getting a good one.


anyway  go for a great deal on a cheap plane one, see what you want then go to our sponsor Ozbongs and get the one for special occasions.

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The Agung bong - Gong SKU-G3-7115,




Same bong that ozzy  pointed out to you,As it will be a lot better Bong an a lot easyer to clean than that bong that you put a link up for.


The link you put up that bong would be a real bitch to clean a most likely,an would leak around the rubber gromets after awhile.


As for OZBongs service you will find it very very hard to fin another online bong shop that would look after you as good as they do,They are the best as far as I am concerned,Plus if you are a pain member of OZStoners =this site,You will get a good discount on what you buy from Ozbongs,you just need to put code into the order form when you fill it out.


It really pays to be a paid member of this site it don't cost much  to join.



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The more money you pay, your paying the artist. I am an actual blown glass collector, and some of the pieces I will not even get 20 meter to our gas stove top. Its not used and not allowed to be used. As for your choice, pick an all glass unit, keep it 5mm+ glass. Blackleaf and Blaze glass make some ripper budget glass bongs that are 5mm+. As far as all the ash catcher, pre-cooler, and shit like that....nope nope nope, don't fall into the tabloid traps, they are not necessary as they also make you smoke more of your stash. Keep it simple with a glass bong, 1 perc is all you need, ice catchers are a novelty bonus, probably only used my ice catchers like 5-7 times, will use it again, just give it time.

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