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Weed Stroke

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Hey guys and Gals,


Need some information from the brain trust.


Im currently growing in Melbourne -Victoria, and as some of you may know, we have crazy weather here. Some days is 13 degrees, whilst the next day can reach 37-41.


I'm wondering if anyone has an tips on how to keep their plants in good condition on those crazy hot days.


My plants have already taken a bit of a beating from the last 37 degree day and with this week turning out to hot again...im starting to stress as you can imagine.


Is it really as simple as just bringing my plants inside?


Any hints and tricks would be mucho appreciated folks.



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thanks a lot everyone. 


After the last hot day the leaves have been scorched. But after this one i think its alright. I had already done most of what you guys had said thankfully.


Now my only problem is water ratio. The storm has hit melbourne and ive left my plants outside to soak up the elements.

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