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Mason Tvert is argubaly the person who has done the most for cannabis legislation in the USA. At least recently.


Some might say he was in the right place at the right time while others may say plenty of others did the heavy hauling before him and he is simply the face at the end that potted the ball in the hole.


Either way, it's undeniable he has done a lot and has been a very important lobbyist.


That begs the question.


Who is Australia's Mason Tvert?



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I don't even know who USA's Mason Tvert is lol


Do you mean legislation or is that a typo and you're asking about legalisation?


What is your definition of lobbyist? To me it has a lot of negative connotations and basically involves throwing large amounts of money at targeted people to gain a particular outcome.


If you mean who is the most public face of attempted Cannabis reform there are a few names that come to mind and probably a few that don't come to mind that should.


Some of the people working hard to make Cannabis reform a reality you most likely will never hear about. Other people are not waiting for reform and are simply doing what they can do to help sick people in need of what is undeniably an efficacious medicine for many ailments. While Cannabis remains illegal and demonised in this country these people are branded criminals for helping the needy and the taxpayer is burdened with the cost of their imprisonment and other punishments. There are of course many other flow on effects including splitting healthy families apart and otherwise law abiding citizens being ostracised from their communities for doing what will inevitably become socially acceptable one way or another in time and is and has always been the right thing to do.


Could you clarify your question and perhaps offer your own opinion on who Australia's Mason Tvert is?



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Legislation, or use a synonym if its too painful, lol.

And I don't mean directly, maybe that is where the confusion arose.


My definition of lobbyist is the common one. Yours sounds about right too, except it has no negative connotations with me and is a normal part of everyday Australia. All industries have lobbyists, it is normal and accepted.


We have not discovered our Mason Tvert that is why I am asking :)

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