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  • Established in 2018, Tetra Health has rapidly emerged as a leading figure in Australia's medical cannabis landscape, championing the principles of enhanced health outcomes and ensuring accessibility for all. As an integral part of the Australian clinic network, Tetra Health pioneers responsible access to medical cannabis treatments for patients spanning every State and Territory in the country.

    Distinguished as a specialist in the field of cannabis medicine, Tetra Health is committed to providing comprehensive patient referrals, underscored by continual support and patient monitoring, meticulously orchestrated by their specialist nurses and Authorised Prescribers of medical cannabis.

    Marked by innovation, Tetra's proprietary patient engagement and monitoring solution is designed for robust patient onboarding, facilitating seamless navigation of the Special Approval Scheme, and expediting Therapeutic Goods Administration applications. This commitment ensures superior patient management and consistent care, fortified by Tetra's dedicated specialist nurses and Authorised Prescribers.

    Delineating the Tetra Health Distinction:

    Personalised Care: Tetra Health, capitalising on the diverse range of medical cannabis treatments available in Australia, is devoted to tailoring bespoke therapeutic regimens for each patient. Recognising the individual needs of every patient, Tetra's medical professionals dedicate themselves to crafting the most suitable medical cannabis treatment strategies.

    A Beacon of Trust: At the forefront of patient-focused care, Tetra Health's dedication to unparalleled support for Australian patients is unwavering. With an ethos rooted in complete transparency, patients can rest assured, knowing there are no concealed costs.

    Efficiency Personified: Tetra Health prides itself on efficiency, securing TGA approvals within a mere 48 hours following a patient's doctor consultation. With a flexible approach, patients can choose between virtual consultations or traditional in-clinic appointments.

    A Legacy of Expertise: Aligning with Tetra Health is synonymous with placing trust in a seasoned team well-versed in the nuances of medical cannabis. Tetra's medical team, ever-present alongside the patient, is dedicated to ensuring optimal health outcomes.

    Visit: Tetra Health website.

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