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  • Medcan Australia is a pioneering force in Australia's medical cannabis landscape with a clear mission: "Redefining High-Quality, Indoor Cultivation." Positioned as a frontrunner in the Australian Health Care Industry, Medcan is committed to delivering exceptional cannabis medicine products.

    The company's vertically integrated approach showcases its prowess in the entire spectrum of the medical cannabis journey: from cultivation to production and manufacturing. By adopting advanced automated cultivation techniques, Medcan ensures consistent results in their cannabis products, promising reliability in quality, composition, and supply.

    Having been granted the 13th Cultivation and Production licence by the Office of Drug Control in November 2017, Medcan Australia has since elevated its operations. Their Australian-based facility stands as a testament to their dedication, as it operates under the stringent guidelines of both GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices).

    Their facility is crafted to ensure that every facet, from humidity to light intensity, is controlled. Such attention to detail is paramount in the cannabis medicine industry, especially given the plant's susceptibility to ailments like mould and mildew. Medcan's controlled environment ensures that such common challenges faced in broadacre or greenhouse settings are mitigated.

    Furthermore, Medcan emphasises the significance of the Post Harvest Production. Following the GACP guidelines, the harvested medical cannabis undergoes rigorous drying and manicuring processes in line with the highest Quality Management Systems.

    Lastly, the GMP Manufacture phase solidifies Medcan's commitment to excellence. Cannabis medicine, given its therapeutic nature, necessitates manufacturing under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This ensures that the medical cannabis products meet the highest pharmaceutical standards, making Medcan Australia a trusted name in cannabis medicine production.

    Visit: Medcan website.

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