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Vape or Bong, What am i doing wrong?

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I dont get it, maybe im not doing it right. Maybe im just a bogan stoner who likes the big headspin that goes with smashing cones mixed with tobacco.

Maybe i just need practice with my new vapouriser. Maybe this forum will help. Maybe it wont but im bored, out of cones and cant find anyone with a non stereotypical view of stoners to discuss it with.


IM 27 years old, ive been smoking MJ and tobacco and drinking since i was 14, i stopped drinkin at 25 and i stopped smoking tobacco 6 months ago, but i will never stop using MJ 

it helps me in all aspects of life. i believe its a safer alternative to alcohol but my conscience gets to me when it comes to smoking the stuff. 


SO i just bought a VaporGenie Coil, ive been looking into vaporisers for about six months since i quit cigattes to elimate tobacoo from life and to find a safer way to use MJ long term. i thought vapor was the way to go.

Im not giving up but im not finding the change satisfying either. i loaded my vaporgenie coil last night when i got home from work with probably the equivalent of about two cones of weed without tobacco, i lit it the way i was told with the edge the flame licking the pipe, i felt like i was recieving vapor but in my mind i did not get high

 so i waited...after fifteen minutes i was frustrated and  with the the idea of not wasting the last of my smoke before payday i chopped it with tobacco smoked two bongs and achieved the desired result.


I dont get it what am i doin wrong/ is my weed shit? am i addicted to the high of combustion smoking with tobacco? did i just not do it properly ?


I will try again but if i dont get high i dont think i can keep it up?



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I'm keen to hear how this goes as I'm in a similar position, I'd like to vape and ideally do so without tobacco but I've never been satisfied with the high achieved through vaping... I've used a few types, best of which was a volcano vape a friend uses and loves but nothing has come as close to a cone from even the worst bong :/

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heya mate i was in the same situation as you but for i was slightly luckier and developed a adverse reaction to tobacco smoke ( i pass out lol ), so it was easier for me to cut that aspect out.


I feel your pain i've tried to go vape, but just don't get that same high, i've tried a pipe style vaporstar where you drag the hot air of the lighter over the substance and a hot plate style bubble glass one.


There is that difference between a vape hit and a bong hit. they'll will just never compare on that scale.


Getting that actual high is attainable i think you really have to give up bongs for about 2 weeks to get a good result, and that first vape will hit you like a brick.


i think the physical action of smoking a bong is somehow part of the psychological high as well.

now after all that you could be doing it wrong lol ... im pretty sure we have a VaporGenie rep/market person who is a member on this site. he should see this hopefully and answer your questions

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I was very much like u when i 1st tryed vaping.

I liked the hit you get from a bong as a pot smoker that is one thing that is hard to get past when going to vapes.

The 1st few times i tryed a vape i dident like and swore i would never buy one.

As time went on and understood it a lil better i gave it another proper go.

After my 1st 2 vapes i just started doing my thing around the place and before i knew i was off my face like i had just smoked a few bongs.

But i will add a vape isent for every one.

Before you throu in the towal all tougher on vaping look at some utube clips on ppl useing it and see what tips they may have to get best use of your VaporGenie Coil and then fine tune it to suit your way of doing thing and before you know it you have vaping down pat...

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The be3st thing to do with vapes is to just separate them, like if you want a cerebal high where you can still do things then vape during the day. For the couch lock hit then bong at night.


I still cant get into vapes and stopped trying to get the same hit as a bog, so now i treat them as two different types of smoking.


The thing is, the bong hit we usually crave is actually a baccy hit. :(


Once you start smoking pot without baccy you wont get that initial rush and i guess its the same as using as a vape.


One thing with vapes though they remind of when i used to start smoking with a lot less baccy and i would aways wait for the creeper hit. The first couple of times with a vape i would sit there and just wait and wait so i will vape more..and then a.ll of a sudden i am stoned as it has crept up.


I really wish we didnt have a culture of "spinning" our pot with baccy, in fact i am sure thats why we have such a massive pot culture in aust, not becasue people love smoking the herb..they love the baccy bong hit and really we are just addicted to tobacco at the end of the day. When i stopped smoking cigs and started smoking straight weed i didnt get as many cravings for a sesh as a i did when i used to spin my stash. Its actually a pretty sad state of affairs.

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I'm looking at buying a vap today and found this thread (then realised I had an account from 2009).


I definitely think a lot of us here in Aus are addicted to spinning and not so much the hooch. I've tried eliminating tobacco the last few days, and finding the same issues as everyone above, I'm particularly having a rough time with coughing from straight hooch bongs, tried ice bongs, tried hot lemon water, tried everything. I've only pulled the pin on the tobacco 3 days ago, and am still smoking from a double chamber bong, but I've definitely noticed the "different" type of stoned, at first felt like I wasn't even stoned but couple days later now, I can appreciate the difference, I'm curious to see how I go with the vap, might come back on later and see how we go.


Also, I think Jester is right, if we had a couple weeks off everything then came back to straight hooch vaped, we would be baked.

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I honestly think if we stopped smoking with spin a lot of us will stop smoking full stop. Again i have smoked with people who use like 2 fucken cigs per mix and then when it was my turn to mix and i would 1/4 of a cig they would get the shits at not having the rush.


I have smoked with people and added no spin and they hated it, they hated the stone they hated the process they hated the taste.

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In my city a big river runs right through the fucking middle and from my experience if you're from north of that river you spin, if you're south you don't. I completely agree most of the stoners I know are addicted to tobacco, you try tell them that and first response is I don't even smoke cigarettes lol.


I just bought my first vape, dropped the big coin on an Arizer, the portable ones looked shit. Most people will baulk at the price but it's less than what I pay for an ozzy osbourne album, and I'm in love with it already, and I've filled up the plastic bag about 3 times. To me it feels a lot like edibles, and nothing like ripping a spun cone out of a powerade bottle.


Only just stopped spinning like 3 days ago tho, so I definitely am keen to give it a rest for a couple weeks then come back to a tobacco free and smoke free sesh.


I am really only doing this to give the smokes the kick anyway, which I have tried a couple times by giving away everything including booze, but failed, and this way I'm at least having a slice of my cake and eating it by maintaining my pot habit lol.



All I can say for the original poster is dude, firstly I wouldn't make up my mind until you try a proper vape, and secondly if you don't like it after that you've got to become (within yourself) cognisant and aware of the fact, that you are not addicted to the smoking of marijuana or tobacco individually, but specifically a mix of the two, because being weed stoned (vapour, edibles, straight splifs etc) is not the same as being ripped off spun cones.



I gotta go back to what Jester said, take a couple weeks off, go grab some restavit, then try out the vapes after that if you are still determined to rid yourself of baccy and smoke etc

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