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Potential outcome of legalization?

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I'm interested in what people think would happen if cannabis became legal, either fully or partially.

Partially, as in for medicinal purposes.


Would it become an agricultural commodity ?


On face value it would be a positive step.


But just curious as to what everyone thinks about issues such as supply, genetics and price.


Might it be so regulated that people revert back to illegal growing to bypass red tape.


A lot of people might not grow their own and still purchase from others. Would that be from  you and me, or a large scale operation. If everyone had a crack, there may be a LOT of male plants doing there thing. Right next door to you.


I am a farmer and am interested in all crops (to some degree)


A plus for hemp surely, but that is a case in point. You can grow that now, but with the regulations and the expense that goes with government interference.


All opinions welcome.


Thank you


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Cant see it being a good thing in this country myself . Cant see it happening in australia anyway .

Look at tabacco , in australia i would  be in far deeper shit for growing tabacco then if i grow cannabis .

 If it is legalized and regulated it will be heavly taxed and poeple caught growing without gov permission will be in far deeper shit then if they where caught growing it when it was illegal .


I just hope one day it is decriminalized , imo that is the best we can hope for in this backward country .

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We're not as backward as we assume.

We do have legal hemp being grown in our country, there is a company in FNQ currently producing hemp products for sale here and overseas, but the main concern with cannabis is social impact.

Some folk still think that if you partake of the herb, you will instantly develop some sort of mental issue. Unfortunately, alot of these folk have influential ties with the political sector, and the money to get what they want. Funnily enough, take away there influence and money, they would most likely off themselves, who's got the mental issue?

Is there going to be a rise in mental illness in Australia should cannabis be de-crimmed? What are the stats from the Netherlands, Canada and the U.S.A?

There will always be a rise in any sort of condition, the population doesn't stay the same size now does it? But to point the finger at a plant renowned for productivity, creativity and more importantly, healing, is just plain dumb! We know why it was criminalized, and health issues had absolutely nothing to do with it. If you really want to get dirty, how about the fact that racism played a massive part in it's classification as an illicit drug. Whiskey drinkin' rednecks taking yet one more freedom from their oppressed black slaves!

Continue to grow my Canna Brethren, we are the key to keeping one of the marvels of nature falling prey to the destructive forces of the human race. We have already removed an alarming number of living organisms from existence, with more at the gates of extinction. All living things deserve that one basic right, the right to life, who is man to fuck with the creations of God?

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Possession is decriminalized where I live and this has already caused a high decrease in street value. My guess is that the value of it will go way down but it will be heavily taxed. I remember reading somewhere that if the USA completely legalized Marijuana the street value of a gram would be around 63 cents in US dollars. The current street value for a gram is 20$. That is what I believe to be the probable outcome of legalization would be.

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I dont think the price would drop if legalized .

Cant compare to the US either . A pack of fags in the most country's is less then 1/2 what we pay the US included and that is just because we tax the shit of it . 

The gov cant control the sale of cannabis because it is so easy to grow , so how can they tax and regulate it . They cant and they know it  . Imo that is the a major factor of it not being legalized .

The gov cant control it !

The only way price would drop due to legalization would be due to the black market . And if it was legal and you are caught selling canna illegally you would be in far deeper shit then you would be today .

The government loves our money and wants there cut !

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i think the price of cannabis went up in cali? i could be wrong but im pretty sure a whole new market opened up where weed is now priced on quality over availability.


i have online friends who are getting $4500 - $5000 a lb. thats fricking crazy. adversely i have heard of people selling lb's for as low as $2000 but it comes down to quality and there is now a market for it as you can put the 2 strains next to each other on a shelf and let people chose for themselves which one they want.

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 it is the ethnocentric view of a political group with a fiscal agendum who control the freedoms of the Aussie population.. also a relativistic fallacy that it is impossible to make moral judgement of the beliefs and behaviours of others culture.. We should not be looking for USA to lead the way for cannabis reform in our country while our law is hierarchial to a monarchist society of the greater commonwealth of England...


Myself, I would be happy to pay a yearly Gov registration fee to obtain a license to grow cannabis for my own consumption without the concern of persecution... I cant see how it would not be achievable since I, and many others, already pay to fish in Gov dams and pay to drive on the beach and i could go on... If they can charge reef tax, why not reefer tax?


the debate should be put to a referendum... which polly would have the balls to call for it?



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I've thought about this a bit...

Obviously the govt would be making bills out of it as they do tobacco and alcohol - These industries in themselves may make it difficult to ever happen...but let say it does. 


This is what I see happening. 

Potential for additives in commercial products, I mean there's stuff in cigs to make them more addictive, why not? 


I see the introduction of mixed tobacco/green products, which could lead to an increase in tobacco use, but whatever, that's a choice people will make. 


I see "licenses to grow" being issued, and a bit expensive...so that larger corporations will be able to afford it, but not "smaller farmers" or personal growers. 


I can imagine that without that license, if found growing you will potentially be charged more then, for "growing illegally" than you would be for growing an illegal substance now. 


Things would gear towards maximizing profit, and work within the interests of the size/structure of only large corporations so that they could keep the govt lining their pockets, and

the govt could establish unreasonable ever rising license fees and/or harsher penalties for those that would try to grow under the radar, to keep their "business partners" happy. 


I think that the only unadulterated weed would be available through outlaws who would be considered outlaws moreso if/when this were to ever happen.


I see perhaps an initial price drop, then I see what they're doing with cigarettes happening in terms of price hikes as well. 


I see a lot of people simply saying "cool, now I won't get in trouble anymore", and not looking forward...though in hindsight they'll realise it wasn't all shiny. 


I see "Coca Cola" weed. 

I personally don't like the idea of what could happen.


If they simply decriminalised it, and left it alone - cool...but that wouldn't happen...

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ABSOLUTELY NO government should have anything to do with your personal choice...

they should be relegated to civil servant tasks. THEY are SERVANTS.. not USURPERS of human will ..

growing should be FREE for anyone to use ...

there is this COMPLETELY FALSE situation that dictates one humans ideas are forced to abide by anothers.


IMAGINE you are alone in the world. go where you want , do what you want , grow & eat what you want.

you should be FREE to think , sing , build , play , fullfill any need & be NEVER oppressed by any powers ,

organisations , councils , groups of sinister religions ........... NO ONE , has ANY SAY... NO ONE.

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