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Help with coco

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Dont think it nute burn all have been feed the same ec of 1.3

Have now upped it to 1.7 to see what happens.

The other plant same as this dosent seem to be doing same thing.


They are all a lil pale that y i upped the nutes.


I did think they where a lil under fed, still learning coco.

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Yes they are underfed.

E.C. should be more like 1.5 before going into flower.

That's not nute burn that's the plant using the leaves for Food.


Your P.H. is a little low aim for 5.8 going in


Now is ideal time to use PK 13/14 from Canna for one week.


Canna A & B @ 2.0 ml per liter

Canna PK 13/14 @ 1.5 ml per liter

Cannazym @ 2.5 ml per liter


Aim for around E.C. 1.8


Then after one week drop the PK and go back to around 1.6 E.C.


I bet this one you are having trouble with is faster growing than the other one?


I had exactly the same problem but caught it early with my Red Devil X NYLD Auto

One pheno took took on the NYLD strain and needed bugger all food and the other pheno was more Red Devil

and was hungary as buggery!

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