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Joints are the worst for wasted smoke,


That said it depends on the strain for me,

I smoked all my Affi through a bong, but I enjoy the taste of MS and I smoke this in joints.


The bong seems to take the edge off the choking and bad taste.

Joints are usually easier to carry as well, I go fishing alot and enjoy kicking back with a joint on jetty, but I reakon it would look a bit sus sucking on a bong in this case.

You have to keep cleaning a bong also.


I really want to try a vape just to see what they are like, but I read alot of people get the shits with them and stop using them, due to not being as stoned(wasted weed??)

also they seem to be a pain to heat up etc.


Cooking I like, i woke up still stoned :D.



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I agree rottie, horses for courses.

Joints when on a bushwalk or at a concert /public event. Cookies for these times as well, although it can be a bit much.

Bongs for big sessions with mates.

Buckets for long weekend sessions.

Pipe for general 'sneaky round the back of the house away from the kids' smokes.

Haven't tried a vape yet.

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