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Drug Free Australia: Attention med users!

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BTW, I thought I'd drop Mr Robinson a line now I've had a good browse around his site. And a bit of a giggle :D Here's the email he'll be receiving:


I'm actually appalled at the mis-information you have on your site

(the links that actually work anyway). More government propaganda in

my opinion.

The fact you can actually try and put this message out: "Medical

marijuana doesn't exist, in fact marijuana is a harmful and

dangerous drug and has no place in medicine" Makes you a dangerous

person in the eyes of MS, Aids, Anorexia, Tourette's, ADHD, Crohns

disease, RSD, Rheumatoid arthritis and numerous other sufferers.........

I personally am a medicinal user, for Raynauds phenomenon and Rheumatoid arthritis, as well as depression.

You're either extremely un-educated on the facts, bias towards ALL drug users.......or just plain stupid. Go and get some enlightenment

somewhere and stop grouping us into one bloody category. The difference between my relief and the person's next door: They're

probably on some sort of opiate, as well as numerous other types of anti-inflammatory, pain-killing medication. It's legal. And it'll get

them hooked loooooong before I have any dependency. Wake up mate, MJ has been around since the start of time, and long before any

pharmaceutical companies come about.

I find your site a smokescreen for US government propaganda, and thanks to the yanks stupid mentality, hence 'Reefer

Madness'.........my god, what a joke, we are now stuck virtually in the dark ages with MJ. Anyway, when you actually have something

that overrides all the overwhelming evidence that contradicts the above BS, let us know, eh?

By the way, if you're willing to debate this any further, please let me know. I think I'd know a few people who'd be willing to stand up to

this rubbish.




I'm hoping some of you guys might give him your thoughts on it........I think we could bury this guy in a serious debate :D

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Here is what DFA replied to Chev's email, I think these guys need a little enlightenment people.

Sent: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 21:24:19 +1100

Subject: Re: DFA Stance on MJ


>Dear Chev,


>Thankyou for emailing me with your views, however I would point out

>that the overwhelming base of scientific evidence does not support

>your personal opinions, which you obviously feel strongly about.  I

>too feel strongly about these issues and continue to promote the

>need for more effective medicines for the seriously ill including

>those people in the categories you have mentioned, and many others.  

>I would be willing to provide you with further information in this

>regard, however if it is an endless argument you seek, I find that

>would be both unproductive and of little interest to myself or our



>Drug Free Australia is an Australian community based organisation,

>we are independent of Australian or international political

>organisations and respond to the community concerns however we do

>continue to work with like minded individuals and other

>organisations both within Australia and internationally.


>It is well documented that marijuana has a very detrimental effect

>on the human mental and physical condition, though there are some

>instances where it may assist or cover certain conditions despite

>also inflicting side effects that may include both short term and

>long term negative impacts on the patient.  For this reason it is

>generally considered for all people to benefit from any beneficial

>substances that MJ may contain, it is important that they be either

>synthetically provided, or removed from the crude plant product to

>be delivered in a safer method for treatment.


>This is not only a concern for the community we represent, it is a

>high priority of medical research and medical ethics


>We will continue to work towards finding effective medicines for

>seriously ill people, as well as oppose dangerous illicit drug use

>and addiction.  We also support further research towards approved

>medicines that are much safer and much more effective than those

>currently available or than the much more dangerous option some

>people have suggested being that of crude cannabis use, that we call

>cannabis without caution.


>Although you share your personal viewpoint quite strongly, I have

>had many others share tragic stories, including those of families

>who have lost loved ones due to the direct impact of cannabis, it is

>to prevent any more of those tragedies that we must all work



>I understand that you would want to promote beneficial aspects that

>you have experienced, however this is not the experience documented

>by the weight of scientific research or all MJ users.


>Would you agree that it would be preferable to obtain standardised

>medicine rather than resort to backyard crude marijuana use that

>can also lead to other negative effects that some people experience,

>including depression, cancer and serious mental illnesses?



>Michael D. Robinson         

>Executive Director

>Drug Free Australia Ltd.


>Email:   info@drugfreeaustralia.org.au  

>- or -  drugfree@optusnet.com.au


>Website :  http://www.drugfreeaustralia.org.au


>Address all correspondence to:

>PO Box H135

>Hurlstone Park NSW 2193


>Other contact numbers:

>Mobile 0414 719 742

>Ph  02 9591 8850

>Fax 02 9789 0080



>-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

>-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

>Lobbying for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug abuse.

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of crude cannabis use, that we call cannabis without caution.


Poor old Michael has just given me another good line

'cannabis without caution', that pretty sums up my usage ::D: , Although I am too polite to call cannabis 'crude'


BTW I was once interviewed with Michael on the Kerry Ann Show on Channel 9 in the mornings. Last May, myself, Michael and the wonderful Dr Alex Wodak - IMHO Michael arguments were wishy washy. Dr Alex came across well as did Sydney's most conservative cannabis campaigner ( :D let me just rip some of these tickets off myself)

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Ok, here's what I sent:


Michael D. Robinson     

Executive Director

Drug Free Australia Ltd.


You really need top preform some real research of your own and stop quoting the DEA, their information has been discredited by many of the US states, in fact their are now only a few US states where medical marijuana is illegal, it is mostly the Bush administration and the DEA that are keeping it so on a federal basis (US states don't have the freedom of choice as in Australia.


Here are a few facts for you:


• The British government, after extensive research, has found that marijuana has many benefits to the seriously and terminally ill and has authorised a drug manufacturing company to produce and supply the drug for sufferers of MS and other illnesses.


• Australian doctors have been secretly prescribing marijuana for many years for patients suffering chronic pain and terminal illnesses.


• There are no records anywhere in history of someone dying of a marijuana overdose.


• Until the prohibition of marijuana doctors in most western countries were prescribing it as they now do for anti-biotics and are still not happy about their inability to access it.


• Since the Dutch government allowed the recreational use of marijuana in "cafes" and such there has been a marked reduction in its use and a massive reduction in the use of harder drugs.


• The "cost to society" of marijuana is far less than it is for tobacco and/or alcohol, the two highest killer drugs in western society, just about everyone knows someone dying of tobacco related cancer or someone with severe alcoholism, these people end up in hospital at taxpayers expense.


• Drunks will get in their cars and drive, have you ever had to cut the bodies of families including children out of cars? I have and I think you would be far better spending your time campaigning against the misuse and damage of legal drugs like alcohol rather than showing off your extreme lack of knowledge and truth about marijuana,


• People are needlessly suffering due to the opposition of people like you.


The list could go on for ever and now that your site has been brought to the attention of several marijuana user groups, medical and recreational, you can expect a lot of comments about the foolish and medically dangerous misinformation on your website, I hope you take the more constructive criticisms to heart and make the effort to do some valid research as your information is in some cases more than fifty years out of date. Just one more myth about marijuana that I will clear up for you, I am a long term mostly recreational user (25 years +) that does not use any other drugs (not even cigarettes or alcohol), I have a trade certificate (average of 98% on final exams), I worked in the security industry for several years (reaching a senior position) and have since retrained in the IT industry and gained my diploma (100%) on final exam. Marijuana has not interfered with my learning process in any way shape or form so please learn what it is you are talking about as I can guarantee you that over fifty percent of Australians are better educated on the subject than you are and your website will be seen for the outdated DEA propaganda that it is and will never be taken seriously by anyone, especially Australia’s youth.


To my mind, what you are trying to do is foolish and harmful to many Australians suffering from illnesses for which there are no alternative medications and you are preventing them from enjoying any quality of life.


I challenge you that if you are in any way genuine in you wish to help people then you should learn a lot more about the subject instead of limiting yourself as you have done up to now, I am sure that once you get past the DEA myths you will really open your eyes to what is going on, and some of your present views would then embarrass you, probably to the extent that you would make some radical changes to your site. The US government has been lying to the world for many years as you would have seen much evidence of recently, it’s not hard to find and I can assist you if you wish.


Regards, Tom.

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Must have made an impression, I received this first thing this morning........ :D


--- Original Message ---

From: gichristian@adventist.org.au

To:  <chevaune@iinet.net.au>


Sent: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 10:34:51 +1000

Subject: Reference Drug Free Australia on MJ as Medicine




>I have done some close research on the medical uses of medical


>and can find no clinical studies showing that cannabis has any


>effect on the three conditions you have.


>Would you be able to send me anything that suggests that marijuana

>can do

>anything for these conditions.


>Much appreciated.




>Gary Christian


>ADRA Australia


>Member of Drug Free Australia


Tom did a search on the guy, he's from the seventh day adventist church.........oh goody ::D: I'm sure he's done plenty of research........I'm going to split this guys, and start it as a new topic.........if it's a fight they want, they got it!! Seriously, between most of our membership, we would bury these ppl in an argument. I'm willing to debate it, anyone else? :D

One other thing they forgot..........Raynauds Phenomenon has no cure or treatment whatsoever. I'd like them to reply back with an alternative to MJ for me.............without it, I can't function with my hands :angry:

Like I said, we'd bury these guys.

*Thought I'd add this, the link we found on the search Tom did :;):

Seventh day adventist CRAP

Edited by Chev
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Here's my reply to the latest email:

Well......of course you wouldn't find any clinical studies, our government previously wouldn't waste their time because mis-informed people such as yourselves have done everything they can to dis-credit MJ medically and recreationally. Do you have any idea how different our society would be today if alcohol had been prohibited, and MJ legal? Do you? Think about it very carefully, and have a look at how many deaths have been caused by alcohol, then at how many have been caused by MJ. You won't find any on MJ because there's never been one recorded death. It's physically impossible to overdose on it.

As for my conditions, you've failed to realize there is no cure or treatment for raynaud's phenomenon whatsoever! Unless you count gloves as a treatment. I will explain this to you.

When I have a raynaud's attack, the main blood vessels in my hands close, stopping circulation. They change colour from blue to white, then brick red when the blood returns. There is no treatment, except to keep them away from the cold. From the time I first began to use MJ, my attacks diminished. The constant heavy ache of rheumatism is lifted also. I now get 2 or 3 proper attacks a year, instead of that many in a day.

I discussed this with my family doctor, who told me that yes, it would make sense that MJ would be responsible for the reduction of my raynaud's. As you would know (if you really have researched it at all, not swallowed all the propaganda) MJ opens the blood vessels, including the particular ones that close during my attacks. I'm the sufferer, I think I can tell you what works and what doesn't. I prefer MJ any day of the week over addictive prescription pain-killers, and anti-inflammatory.

And as for what your friend mentioned, 'crude, backyard MJ'..............please. Really. That's an oldie. There's no reason our government can't regulate it so we can supply our sick with good, clean MJ. As far as I'm aware, the government has agreed in one of the states to grow medical MJ. Also, as the WA laws stand, I'm technically allowed to grow 2 plants, in soil, outdoors. So. At least one or two of our states have the right idea.

Besides. If our government can condone and regulate alcohol and tobacco, why not MJ? Oh, right. Because MJ illegal. But we as a society turn a blind eye to the damage caused by alcohol and tobacco, and it's legal. I'll bet you don't mind a drink or two, maybe you smoke? You certainly would know enough people that do both. But I'm a criminal, because of my choice. I suffer from MJ prohibition more than anything!

Please, I ask you to dig deeper into the issue, look beyond the 'bullshit', there is plenty of positive evidence that supports MJ as a medicine. Don't discount it, and group it in with other drugs........it's an amazing herb, with unbelievable medicinal proprieties, as it's been documented for centuries. I will give you a link, www.rxmarijuana.com, and you can read for yourself what Dr Lester Grinspoon thinks of it medicinally. One of many MD's that do support marijuana medicinally.

Open your minds.


I wait with great excitement for the reply........... :D

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Ohh, you have met Gary the Christian. E-mail Michael and not only get his response but 'one we prepared earlier' from Gary , Michael's best mate, as well. I am assuming that Gary 'cold' e-mailled you as opposed to replying to one from you?


This is how Drug Free Australia works. If one of them reads a letter to the editor that 'deserves their attention', they respond on mass. Clearly they do the same with personal e-mail as well. When I say they respond on mass, No one is quite sure how many members DFA has, I know Naill has asked Michael about his org before on DRUGTALK (very little real response from DFA).


As for the LTEs in country papers (or indeed the Murdoch press in cities), these publications will print nearly anything and many Christian letters on a variety of subjects make it through all the time (anyone read the Echo from Nth Rivers in NSW). They also blitz politicians with snail mail as most politicians will eventually respond to all snail. Politicians cannot get away from 'family values' as they are constantly reminded of them by the Christian right. We need to be as vocal (yet reasoned not rabid) as our enemies. Read the papers each day even the crappy ones and respond to silly LTEs with logical (and homourous helps too) resoponses. Brief to the point replies get the best chance of being published.


We will never convince the likes of Michael D Robinson and his (how did Latham put it? ... conga line of suckholes) of our arguments. We should just try to inform where he puts out disinformation and educate where he preachs ignorance. It's about how others find his or our message, who can be the most beleivable in the eyes of the general public?

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Neither of them has replied to me as yet, but it's starting to look as though the DFA is merely a part of the Seventh Day Adventist Church's political arm and given such a name as to hide the association between the two. If it turns out that they are one and the same then that really does end the “debate” as you can never win against such cults, they are always aware of what is best for us under “Gods law”.
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