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Crackerless Fire Crackers

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Here's my take on Firecrackers.


I like them but found it too fiddly putting peanut butter on both sides of those little wafer crackers.


The crackers generally burn and taste like shit, so I found myself then carefully removing the peanut butter filling from the middle of them and just eating that.


This lead to my current technique of completely disregarding the crackers and just putting peanut butter on a sheet of aluminium foil, adding the pot, folding them in half, and chucking in the oven for 40 mins on 160-165 deg C. I put them on a baking tray in the middle-topish bit of the oven . Note I have an electric oven with a fan. I used this same technique on my mates gas oven and it burnt the crap out of them wthin 10 mins. I think his is a bit funny at low temps, but mine could be out a bit too.









I use the "macro" organic brand of peanut butter from Woolworths/Coles, it's nice and oily, which helps soak up the THC, but any brand will work.


My normal dose is around the 1 gram mark of good buds. I've used about 2 grams of finely ground pot in the pictures, and have made 2 doses. You may need more or less.


Pro Tip : Save yourself the trouble of mulling up by hand, an electric coffee grinder is your friend !


After the timer goes off I immediately put them on a plate and put them in the freezer. There is no need for this, but if you are a hopeless pig like me, it just means you can eat them quicker.


The longer they are in the freezer, the easier it is to remove the contents from the foil. This can be eaten by itself, however it is not advised. I've tried adding this to lots of dishes, but what I find to be the most pleasant is mixing it up with fruit yoghurt, or adding it to milk and blending it with a barmix thingo to make a yummy nutty milkshake. If you added some vanilla escence, bannana, whatever, I dare say most people wouldn't even know it contained pot.












It tastes like health food cos it is, unless you are lactose intolerant or have a nut allergy in which case you could use soy or almond milk. Dunno about a peanut butter substitute, I've tried nutella and it was no good, it just caramelised and burnt. There is a good chance you don't even need the peanut butter, I'm just too scared to try putting ground buds in the oven by themselves.


Be careful though, it is VERY easy to over-indulge, and like some wise people have said before, do not leave this shit anywhere near children or unsuspecting adults.




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