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Feed your head - Cannabis medibles..

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Hi folks,


I have begun tinkering with edibles recently and plant alchemy in general and now utilise these medibles in my daily arsenal of meds......


Cannabis soda & what ive coined a bliss tincture......


cannabis soda -



Decent cannabis flower/concentrates..... (4 ounces preferable ! - sugary/resinated popcorn will suffice... i use 4 oz minimum - the more the merrier)

Fine filter screen/cheesecloth/chux clothes for filtration

750mls 100% IPA

Bacardi 151 or everclear if attainable, 100% ethanol is fine.. atleast 150 proof.

Electric fry pan

Soda stream or similiar (to carbonate cold water)

Soda stream/Soft drink syrup ... (The trick is to select a flavour that can mask cannabis as much as possible .... grape/berry/strawberryy ... etc)

tupperware container to hold IPA





1. Pour IPA into tupperware container and wrap filter screen material around a small handful of the finely chopped cannabis flower and dip into the IPA solution for no more than 2 and a half minutes; continue until all plant material has cannabinoids extracted. (or as much as we can pull with 2.5 minute quickwashes)


2. place tupperware container holding IPA onto electric stove half filled with warm water....... temperature setting on to low (THIS IS IMPORTANT - *DANGER*).... the key is to have the water only barely bubbleing and not constantly bubbleing around 90 degrees or so .... the water should not continue bubbleing throughout the evaporation process.


3. After around 3 or 4 hours or so when around 1/8th of the IPA is remaining (85-90mls-ish) continuing to evaporate IPA on the heatbath after this point will affect yield. .... set tupperware container aside and leave to evaporate remaining IPA for 12 hours; maximising potential yield.


4. Take tupper-ware container with canna extract and pour 250mls of bacardi 151 (or much less ethanol) into tupperware container and place back onto the heatbath, set electric stove to low and let the canna concentrate dissipate and disolve into the alcohol solution once the concentrates have disolved completely set aside and let to cool.


5. Dilute the canna concentrate solution depending on your tolerance with more alcohol ... (or just a lil more ethanol)


6. Use the soda machine to carbonate cold water and use appropriate syrup to mask flavour of canna and use more than a single dose of syrup..... one and a third dose or so.... tinkering to create a pleasant taste is simple .... - i prefer grape...


7. Dose a cup depending on how much you'd like to get high ...... as little as 15mls is ENOUGH for most i would say .....depending on the quality of the cannabis flower used...


The bliss tincture:- i simply make a strong damiana tincture with 600grams atleast of damiana flower/foliage to a bottle of bacardi 151 ..... pour out a quarter of the bottle and add 600grams to bottle ... leave in the dark for just a few days ... agitating as often and as vigourously as one can stomach lol..... then i filter the damiana leaving a crude brown looking liquid... i then add the quarter of the bottle of straight bacardi 151 ..... i heat it on low to evaporate of some of the alcohol .... i then add that to the cannabis tincture solution described above..... I have enjoyed deeeeep blissful experiences with damiana/canna concoctions..... 15mls is usually enough for a good 5 hours or less when i make it ........


When using ethanol you would use less as its a more appropriate solvent for this activity,you would want to be drinking less of the ethanol solution so you would need to evaporate off more solvent to potentiate the concentrate when using ethanol..... atleast i would anyway.....


Feed your head,


Drink your meds :)


Somebody videotape this process !! and post the link ... or contribute to this feed your head thread.....

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Hey ozzy,


Ofcourse, no problems ... 100% IPA is purchased from bunnings in 125ml bottles as a cleaning product..... ... its expensive though ... bacardi 151 is purchased from dan murphys or similiar ... as is everclear ... its usually purchased from specialty liquor stores though... possibly not dan murphys .... and yeah, sorry, the whole process was jotted down abruptly.... glass tupperware container, yeah ... ..... perform the extraction in a well ventilated area ...... maybe a mod can allow me to edit the first initial post on this thread so i can add a few warnings ......


peace n pot,

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