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Marijuana legalisation may be shortlived.

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...basically the Fed govt trumping the State govt. It happens in most demo nations I would expect. i think the KEY is educating the populace pertaining to the lies we are being told every minute by persons and organizations (pharma? paper? petro/chemical?) concerning cannabis. When they (illuminati??) don't wish to have the truth known as it would hugely affect their vested interest, which, when you get down to what this is is basically evil. As long as our mindset has the view of economic growth (read $$$) as the paramount outcome/bottom line disregarding all others (Humanity, Health, Compassion, TRUTH, Sustainabilty), the list goes on. We justify this with the throwaway lines like 'shrewd businessman' Well I think evil is driving them. I know it. Shalom. v :sun:
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"What sort of democracy is it when the populace vote a certain way only to be overruled by the government?"



A bad one? I watched a news explanation of how the election system works over there. It was crazy complex and unfair. Even our bizarre preferential voting system which favours the big parties seemed almost legitimate by comparison. Elections should be simple. Everybody gets one vote. Count them up and declare a winner. Anything else is just glitter, smoke and mirrors designed to keep the two party system in power.

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I was over in the US a couple of months ago and witnessed the daily barrage of election campaign.


Honestly, I couldn't believe that this was the country that is involved in so many wars in history under the banner of "freedom and " democracy". My thoughts were "shit, if this is the democracy that thousands have died for.....". I'm referring to the blatant rigging of polling locations, times etc.


The basic rule of democracy is, the majority rules. Where this falls down is in cases like the changing face of the Australian voting system. Our system was designed for a two major party vote. Not three. Now that the greens are a major-ish party it throws the system out. This can be seen by the result of our previous election.....how can a party that receives 36% of the primary vote beat the second party receiving 44% of the primary vote? Preferences weren't meant to ultimately overrule the primary vote....it's meant to be used as a tie breaker. At least that's what my education has led me to believe. I could be wrong.


But if a referendum is held, and the majority vote for something, regardless of what the president thinks, it should happen. I doubt Obama will personally play much of a role in over turning this to be honest. If he does, democrats can kiss the support of the youth vote good bye for many terms to come. Even those who don't smoke won't like the big brother over ruling formalised public opinion.

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