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mull u matic

Guest Babybear

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Guest Babybear



man this is retailed at 50 on website an the dud i got from had retailed for 50 Guess what i got it for heheheh



20!!! yes thats right , i allways find tabaconists allways like to bargin


or mabie casue im girl , its the second time he has givein me agreat deal

im so happy with me litle pink muller , get to try it out soon


im gettin in style





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Speaking of mull-a-matics, does anyone else find that they consume more when they chop up with one of these, as opposed to scissors or whatever?


Ever since I got mine, I go through a quarter in about 3/4 of the time. I think some of it goes into the powder that collects on the lid (which of course goes into the bowl).


Has anyone else experienced this?

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Guest Babybear


But cause i find its quicker an u seam to allways put in more , let ya mullimaticks air after use

takes like seconds to chop up choppin can be ahassle an some times u just to stoned to , Unless u have a great flat mate or somethin that will chop up for ya HEHE ;)~

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Guest Babybear

we dont want out muller stained with mull smell , its just better if it dont,

i runs some fine herbs in it to over the weed smell some times


;) dont have to air it , just a sujestion ;)~

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I just use a hand held "vegetable grater". my friend has one of those auto mullers but it was kind of weak and kept jamming up. The wooden twist mullers are good too, great for portability.


another friend has a plug in coffee grinder which does a pretty good job of chopping up, only needs a few blasts though orit pulverises the dope.


They actually have the coffee grinders at Woolies for $17.95 now, I want one but I'm always too tight or broke.


I reckon it seems as though you are using more dakker cause it chpos it finely and it nestles amongst itself - ie a kilo of sand will take up a lot less space than a kilo of gravel.

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