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re-generation ?

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Hi Roadblazer and welcome to ozstoners, i have only re-ved out doors but from what i under stand the same applys, IMO u should take them out of the pots and trim back the roots but dont over do it as u can kill the plants, then re-pot them and just give then say 1/4 of the amount of the nutes u use to give them a chance to get over the shock for about a week under 18/6, u will need to give then at least 4 weeks for them to the point were u can turn back to 12/12, but make sure u pull every bit of bud off as it dies off it can course mold and u could loose the whole lot and try and to leave as much leaf on the plant as u can, because when it kickis back on it will be a lot busher, i hope this has help u out a little, anything eale u want to know just ask that is what we are here for.
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Hi Roadblazer and welcome to ozstoners, i have only re-ved out doors but from what i under stand the same applys,

gudday guys. funny you should say that oz made. i only just had a discussion with a mate about basically the same thing.


he likes to regenerate, but i reckon it's more productive to rip the plant and replace it with a clone or sexed plant.


what do yous reckon?

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I reckon its heaps more productive to replace your grow with new clones, especially if the clones are already rooted and ready to go in as soon as last crop is harvested.


Anyway I only re-vegged to keep plants as mums but i always prune them back to absolute piss all, just a couple of tiny little buds left on a 1ft stalk, and put them under 24hrs and feed them normal strength veg nutrients, as the new shoots grow back prune off the excess shoots and bud. tons of new growth will come off, one shoot from every outer calyx usually.

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I'm a bit of a re-vegging fan, the only thing is they can be a little more susceptible to pests and disease with age.

When you've harvested the plant you want to re-veg, trim it back, but leave a few of the immature buds, and growth. Make sure you trim the old buds when they die, as ozmade pointed out, it'll attract mold. And nasties

I found my growth to be brilliant the 2nd time around, with my white widow. Had to tie it down ::rolleyes::

Luke Skywalker is another person who can help you out with it, he's done a bit of re-vegging, but if you do a search of the site on it, I'm sure you'll find a few threads with some info, that might help :D

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Guest BudWaver

After much trial and error I find myself somewhat of a reveg king...think of me as the king returned :rolleyes:


To reveg inside I find it works best to flip your lights on to 24 hours per day...and it is essential to have masses of them...think of it like a summer time amount of light...you need lots of it to fuck up their winter grow pattern


Flush out the bloom nutes properly...add grow nutes...make sure you have lots of small buds left on the plants.....hit em with masses of light...and anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks you should notice regrowth


If you are growing in 50 litre pots it shoudnt be necessary to trim the roots back - but it all depends on how long u have grown them for b4 heading...50 litre pots should have ample room in them for two months initial growth, flowering, regrowth then reflower.....30 litre I would only initially grow em for a maximum of 6 weeks before repeating the above process...but if you grow them over the time indicated it may be necessary to trim the root mass...


Bubblers are a differnt thing tho....

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I like reveging and have done it a few times as an alternative when clones wern't possible. The yeild goes up by about 20%... but don't let that fool you. You are really better off with clones which are already on the go because a revegged plant will take significantly longer to get going, so the 20% is eaten away to no advantage. Another consideration is that where they shoot from the calyxses you will be prone to mould as the grow progresses unless you cover that angle really well.


You should also be aware that roots on a finishing plant will most likely be suffering as well. If you are off a little bit with the final care of your flowering girl, she probably won't make it to the revert stage and will die.


As I have said.... I have done it a few times, and will do it again. These problems, aren't an issue for me, but that has come from a few heartaches over the years.

Reveged plants really like H2o2 to get them going. Reason 1 is that it acts as a disinfectant on any rotting left overs from the flower grow in the roots. Reason 2 is that the reveged planbt benifets from the increased o2 in the solution.


Another thing which is of advantage is to bury the truck of the tree an inch lower than it was before. This will help prevent collar rot, however I don't do until the plant is being veged for the third time. Scrape back to the cambium layer of the trunck when doing this and apply a smear of rooting gel, and you will get good roots coming from this part quite quickly.


Give it a go.... you will like it. :P

Hope this helps.



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