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plz help sexing plant!

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hi guys! I've been growing this plant for about 4 months now. It hasn't always received as much water as it shouldv'e and it got a bit shocked when I transplanted it, also this is my first attempt so I know it's nothing special. I've had it on 12/12 (putting it in a light proof shed, actually sometimes more than 12 dark hours) for about a week now, and still no sign of flowering. Also, I've been feeding it bloom booster every day, about 1/2 strength, and it receives full sunlight for its light period. My big question is, can anyone tell me if its male or female?? I've read a lot of posts and other websites on the topic, but I cant for the life of me figure it out for myself. There's no balls hanging off it, but I don't think its even started flowering yet, so would I still be able to tell? I don't know what strain it is either, it was given to me as a seedling by a neighbour and they weren't sure either. Please if anyone can help me that'd be great - I dunno if the closeup pic I took is any good or not. Also, are there any suggestions on how I might help it flower? I'm only new to the site but I've learned a shitload in the coupla days I've been reading around (about 40 hours worth!). Thanks for any help, and for having such a great resource of info!




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