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Contradictions & Confusion

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Hi to all,


During the time I have been a member, I think I have read all the topics and associated replies etc. What gets me is the difference between one grower and another. e.g. one says soil is best, the other says hydro is the way to go. Pot is better tasting from soil, pot is better from hydro, la la la la.


As far as growing techniques, well that really puts the "bull in the china shop".


I have read to go SCROG, another says no way, go SOG. On top of that another says grow em big, big = big buds. This was thumped upon by a reply saying that it is better to grow small as you get more buds and therefore more for your growing dollar than you do by growing one big cola.


Another says to have 2-4 plants/sq. ft but another says to have at least 2' x 2' PER plant. I for one got confused when I put up a pic of my grow room. I was told that the pots were too close together and I would have light problems later. Fair enough, good thought. Just after that, I was told to move them closer together, dont SOG or SCROG, just grow em close


Nutrients was a good one too, I am always confused about this one. This guy had some clones growing and asked what nute strength to give them. He said that his water was .4 ec, 4 cf, 280ppm. God, why cant they just have one measurement? Well, the reply to this dude was that they should be able to take between 200-400ppm. Now considering that the water value is taken into account with the final reading, it means that this guy was over feeding on water alone by 80ppm and at the 400ppm would have given him only 120ppm nutes. Doesn't really add up does it ?

Being new at this game as I presume a hell of a lot of people are on here, it is fairly confusing when all this information is on the site and each has a different method.


One of the problems new growers like myself have is the fact that we have to grow from seed. Unfortunately we are not the lucky ones that can load their grow rooms up with female. I can understand what was wrong with my original idea to SCROG because by the time I pulled the males out, I would have one hell of a fuckin mess. Thanks for that advice guys.

Next grow, I will have clones and will be able to join the ranks of the elite. ;)


Anyway, thought I would just see who else is confused. It may be a good idea to have a "Beginners Guide" or a thread where us newbies can go to and read all the replies to their problems. That way, it would save all the experienced growers having to continually repeat themselves to another newbie crying out for help. They would all be in one section. Just

a thought guys.


Anyway, I hope none of you take me the wrong way. All the help I have got so far has been great if not a little confusing. :D


Chugalug choochoo

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There are more ways to grow pot than there are growers of said plant. :D


There is no "perfect" or "absolutely right" way to grow plants, only general guides which will all depend on so many different factors that you can only advise and adjust to suit.


Plants are living things, not machines, and as such can vary wildly in their requirements. You have to learn and study a lot, and work out what seems right for you, and in the end you just have to grow the bastards and see what happens. If you've spent enough time learning then the experimental phase doesn't have to be that painful, but there will always be problems that crop up, that's the nature of hortuculture, and it's beauty too...


Check out the Grow Faq here, and if you seem confused by something, ask a question... as you have here... but you have to decide these things for youself, because no-one will give you exactly the same advice. There are so many factors which are variable it's impossible to do so even if we all wanted to. However, there are some general guides, like I said before, and these can usually be found in the basics of growing, air, water, light, nutes, media...


Anyway, I hope none of you take me the wrong way. All the help I have got so far has been great if not a little confusing. :)


Mate, you're on this train by yourself mate, we're just here to see you off at the station... You cannot blame us if your train derails and kills everone... or if it takes you to a different destination. ;)


Good luck mate, and don't be too worried about it, as with time and experience you'll work out what's good for you and what's not. A gardener needs 5 lifetimes to learn all they want to learn about it, then another lifetime to apply it and create the perfect garden.... As far as I know we only get one, so we may as well just try our best and be satisfied. ;)

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Guest Wilderbud
Just checkout some grow threads and copy the one you think fits your growroom. Youve picked a popular system for hydroponic growing so theres a lot of good advisors available for any questions you have [im not one of them but the cloning advice I gave you is definately the way to go]. If you have any problems just ask in your grow thread - most advice you will get is good enough to get results.
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like I said to you man, you gonna have a good crop no matter what you do about it all, really all pot is about is growing some plants flowering them and getting some buds, its not much more trouble than that, as for the right ppm/E.C. I grew for years before getting one, If the plants are growing at a decent rate and looking nice than they have enough nutes.


with cloning I use no ppm meter, I just know that 1/4 strength bloom nutes on directions is the way to go with cloning (usually 1ml per ltr). give them bloom nutes not veg nutes, the nitrogen slows your clones down. Is that some more conflicting info there?? hehe.


As for the seed problem, I grow alot from seeds, but I never flower a seedling to harvest, I germ and sex seeds under flouros while a crop of clones is under my HID's, so I have new female clones ready to go usually every crop, its definately the way to go as far as yield is concerned, but I know you were after some buds mate, seeing as this is your first, but next crop while your growing the clones of your best from this crop you could sex more seeds and get them ready for the 3rd.

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well mate thats life, people have different ways of doing things. You just need to pick and choose what advice you want to follow. It could all be correct, or some advice could me more correct than other advice. You'll find out yourself in time with your own crops and thats what makes it interesting.


like white cluster said, its piss easy to grow good pot. I am a pretty inept grower myself and my plants to date have been fairly shitty, but hey, they get me just as high as primo gear from the private gardens of very expereinced growers. and you need to try pretty hard to do any worse than me :D

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Guest Wilderbud

Thanks for the replies guy, much appreciated.

I noticed that no one commented about my paragraphabout nute strength and water ppm.

Put a EC/PH/PPM question in your grow thread - not here!

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I haven't seen the growroom thread. But I think if you are just starting out, soil would be the easiest way to go. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with hyrdo, just that soil is easier to start with and you get use to seeing how the plant grows, flowers, cloning first. And you don't have to worry about getting the nutrients and Ph right all the time.


I would not try ScrOG until you have a grow or two under your belt. ScrOG is a great way to get more bud from less plants in a very small place. SOG works better for larger grows in my opinion.


Learn the basics first I think. Anyway don't stress, your first grow is usually a bad one, but you learn from there and get better at it.



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