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Microwaving weed

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Any substantial heat will do damage to the thc content, and microwaves are no exception... the best way, (IMHO, of course...) is short bursts, maybe 20 secs a time, turning and drying the bowl or plate it's on as you go... the microwave will steam the buds dry, so the moisture collects underneath the bud... make sure you turn and dry, and be careful not to overdo it... otherwise it'll just burn... It may take several minutes to do it this way, depending on bud size and microwave power etc... In the end you'll have harsh as all buggery buds, but they'll be dry. The potency is affected, but it can give a moderately good indication of strength.


Best to slow dry in a cool, dry area, like a paper bag with a small opening which is left on top of a shelf out of the way... turn it every couple days, it should dry out in a few days to a week, depending on size of the bud and conditions. :(


The faster you dry, the harsher the buds, and the lower the potency will be. There are exceptions, but that's the general rule. :(

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Guest billy bonger

There anways seems to be a very disappointing amount come from the mic don't you think?You start out with a lovely bud and end up with a harsh bit of crap.


But i do when i have to, probably goin a bit to hard though from your directions-- For me:- mic- 1min- Sit 1min- mic 1 min repeat again.

It could have something to do with my mic though it seems to dry good but it's old so it might just take longer.

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Oven is the easiest way to dry your weed , low temp and long time is better but sometimes the tim allen way is better, put it in tin foil, crank that baby to 300F and check it in 3 min :) dont try the tim allen way unless your willing to potentially hotbox your house if you forget.


Hell throw an ounce in there and hotbox your kitchen, close the doors, I just hope anyone who does this lives in the country ::):


I just put mine in a Brown paper bag for a day, but stoners dont have that kind of time ;)

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