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why is there an age limit

who believes there should be no age limit?  

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I am not claiming to know what OZ Stoner was intending with the age limit but I think I read somewhere here (a mod) that supply of mj and clones over the boards is not encouraged because it attracts unwanted attn from leo and for the same reason encouraging kids to come here may not be wise. My understanding from reading the boards.
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BONG ON Posted on Nov 23 2003, 11:42 AM

  I don't believe that people under the age of around 14-15 should smoke, but thats only because mj affects pre-adolescents much more adversely 


There is no evidence of this as far as I know, but I would agree with you on principle, children should not use recreational drugs. But it's a tricky question, because some teens are more than capable of making such decisions, and others aren't... I think it's something you have to decide at the time with your children, would you rather they smoked pot in an alley with "friends" who are likely to be ripping them off or ditching them at the first sign of trouble? Or would you prefer they used the drug they're going to be using anyway, (I'm not saying give it to them, but if they're already choofing it's kind of a moot point, you can only educate and protect as much as you can,) in a secure, safe environment under your supervision.... I don't have kids, but I think the latter is the way I'll be going when my kid comes home from school bleary eyed and has the munchies.... :P


Anyway, that's a side issue really. The reason we have an age limit is more because OzStoner feels that the site is not going to win any friends by teaching children how to smoke and grow pot. I know it's illegal anyway, but there is a large difference between a site teaching and enabling the teaching of cannabis growing through a forum to adults, and teaching a 14 year old kid about it.... Do you see what I mean? I personally feel it should be around the 16 level, but this is Oz Stoner's site, and as the law, should it be reformed, would likely have 18 as the consumption age limit, this is where the site has drawn the line.


Children shouldn't be overly protected from drugs, but we shouldn't be encouraging it either, if they're 18 and grow their own pot and waste away their lives smoking plants... that's their problem, their big people and should be able to make such decisions for themselves... teaching a 15 year old how to grow weed in their parents vege-patch, which then gets both the child and the parents busted when the teen makes a basic mistake and tells all and sundry about it, that's a different matter...


In short, there is an age limit because cannabis is a recreational drug, (with medicinal applications) and as such Oz feels this site should not be used by minors... Would you have a problem with a 16 yo kid building their own still to make whiskey? (bad analogy, I know, but it's close enough)


So don't worry bong on, I realise you're not critizising, and I hope that I've helped to answer your question... I could be wrong tho, there may be other reasons for the site being restricted, but from my conversations with other mods over time I think that what I've posted here is about right... If any mods have anything to add, or correct to this explaination, then please do, I don't want to be providing any mis-information... :P Oh yeah, and I just saw syks post, the leo issue is one too... :)


Hope this helps to explain. :P

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its not like the can track us down

I wouldn't bet on it, but that is irrelevant, the point is the less attn the site gets from LEO ie setting up stings on members etc is what OS was attempting with these rules on the opening page, and once again this is IMO I have NFI what is going on in OZ's mind I don't even know the guy, so maybe a mod could settle this.

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