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'The Bubbling Barrel'


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My mission here is to post a step-by-step instructional on putting together a basic DWC system. This system, although a little different than conventional systems, can be adapted to suit all types of DWC. I am no expert, just love this shit and wanted to get a thread started. After it's been put together, i'll wack a clone in her and see how she goes lol Eventually hope to run the system with a control reservoir and recirculating. Any suggestions on fittings to connect one res. to another much appreciated.


Here we have 'the Barrel' (390x330x580mm, approx. 75 Litres). I saw these at a swap meet and grabbed a couple @ $10 each. Sorry no idea where you can get these, looks ex-food type container. Alternatives might be the food grade white buckets restaurants often use or ex food containers (all these are of a high grade plastic). Try a rural co-op or buying store. Have no other suggestions at this stage sorry ;) .


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So i'll use this adjustable hole-cutting gizmo (Bunnings - pretty exxie if i remember correctly) to cut the hole in the lid for the net-pot to sit in. Please make sure you cut inside of your template line or the pot will fall through (approx 2-3mm in this case leaving an overall hole diameter of 135mm. lol


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Using my cordless with hole-cutting gizmo to cut the hole. It's a pretty wobbly ol' tool to use but does a pretty clean job lol . Cut the required hole half way through the thickness of the lid and then turn over. IME if you are cutting a hole in a brittle plastic lid do it very carefully and with something to support the lid underneath while drilling. Have fucked a couple of lids with this tool. There are other ways - i think someone here mentioned using a hot knife. :mellow:


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This is the pump i'm using to create da' bubbles instead of using air pumps/stones. The pump is an OTTO brand PF1200N translating to Internal Power Filter flowing at 1200 Litres/Hr. This unit usually has plastic casings and foam elements attached for filtering but i piss these off. Similar to powerheads and used almost exclusively in the aquarium trade, these units while submerged suck air into the pump via an airline and create a furious path of bubbles. The pump will be suction cupped to the bottom of the barrel pointing up. lol


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So i thought i'd run the pump i'm using in a mate's fishtank as the flow of bubbles is clearly visible. The fish tank is 600mm high, the same as the barrel. This is how the pump will be positioned in the barell. As you can see, a furious path!! lol ;) Sorry about invading your space little fish dudes but its for a valuable cause. ;)


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