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MJ to decrease or increse bodyweight?

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Hi all,


Just want some of your opinions..........There is all the talk that using mj medically causes patients to have an increase in appatite. Short term users find that they get the 'munchies' when smoking - but long frequent use does somtimes lead to the opposite effect ie - loss of appatite and weight loss. I know because when I quit smoking pot (not cigs) for a while my weight balloned 10kgs but now I am smoking again I find myself slowley loosing weight again.


Is this due to us aussies using tobacco in our mix? I do know that there are chemicals in tobacco are meant to have a laxative effect - and smoking through a water pipe may enhance it also.


Does anyone agree with this???If so could it mean problems for long term medical users?? I would be interested in anyones opinions....... :P

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Guest Field_of_Light

I heard long ago that mj can be stored in human fat cells and that it takes about 2years (if ever?) for this to work its way out of the body....


Any cigarette smoking can lead to a drop in weight if the person smokes instead of eating....I have seen my freinds who have given up smoking put on lotsa weight becasue they eat to allay their cravings....when they take it up again the weight drops off....


As for mj....Im assuming we are talking about the addictive `habit' forming part of mj smoking....like any habit and this is only my humble opinion...if you want to go cold turkey and quit it then you need to replace that habit with a new one....now depending on who you are is going to depend on what habit that is..a lot will go for food...as its the easiest habit replacing essential and non essential part of human life...others may go for excercise...others different drugs etc....



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Well guys n gals, I am not sure about the MJ habit causing weight-loss but cigarette smoking, yes. I have cut back cig smoking by half over the last month so I can save enough money to purchase a growlight but I am still losing weight.


If anyone IS trying to give up cig smoking though..... I found it helps if you work with your hands, keep them busy. I have given up short-term but prefer to smoke. :P Weight control is a major player as I can only do so much gardening etc to keep myself busy with my back condition. :angry:


Anyone else got an opinion on this one? Please do share. :P

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hey guys


just my 2 cents worth on this as it is something i have thought about for years.


i have been a daily smoker for along time now any my weight has not altered in nearly 30 years


i am probably 3 - 4 kg under weight for my size but i eat well and when i get the munchies which is every night i eat like fuck (my wife cant believe the food i can consume)


i have often wondered if it is my daily smoking which keeps my weight down or is it my matabolisym (sp?)


from the amount i eat i would think i would be over weight


just a thought


p.s i do smoke about 20 rollies a day

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Guest Urbanhog
Yes, it is possible to lose weight from cannabis, but if you are willing to be heavily stoned non-stop 24 hours a day.... Because I knew this guy, he was a big chubby bastard, and when he started smoked pot, ge GAINED weight.... but after a while he started to get pretty heavy full on pot smoker, smoking weed to the extreme, so he just gets so wasted and just really can't be bothered to move at all even a trip to the fridge to get some munchies, and somehow he started to eat less, drank more water.... then 2 months later I havent seen him for that long.... what the fuck! he lost like 15 kilos in 2 months.... from just being endlessly stoned and drinking plenty of water to give the feeling of "fullness" in the stomach.
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Guest Babybear

i find when i smoke weed less i put on weight , i recon must do somethin to ya body casue i find if u eat when stonned the next day its rigth out of ya , to me all the food i eat stonned go no where ,


But then i find if u been smokin for a few weeks straight then give up for the first day or so its really hard to make ya self eat..

Is that a side effect from not smokin??

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i have lost over 100 pounds since i started using mj. i don't know if it's the pot or one of the other drugs i am taking for medical reasons, but i seem to have lost all interest in food. alot of days i feel to sh*tty to eat and hold it down if ya know what i'm sayin? i was very overwheight, so it's not such a bad thing yet.

gds :o

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