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How would this work?

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Well I will be setting up a closet grow very soon and i was going to buy a 400w HPS but I really want a 600w because im only gonna do 1-2 harvests before I get a room going. But i cannot really afford to buy a 600w, I CAN afford a 600w ballast ($145) and light socket ($30) and a bulb ($60-$90) but a reflector would blow my budget.


So i had this great idea, I could get a piece of wood the same dimensions as the roof of my closet then paint it white or put some panda film or what ever on it and i would just make my room higher as the plants grew....


Im probably not explaining this very well I'll make a diagram in a minute....


Would this work aswell as a reflector? I plan on having some heavy duty cooling so that shouldn't be a problem


IMHO this would work better then a reflector or atleast make it pretty useless as the room will be smallish and there will be nowhere else for the light to go other then thru my room and onto my plants!

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Sorry, I misunderstood you there. Yeah, great idea there, one of the problems with naked bulbs is that when low down half light has to go all the way up and back down to get to the plants.... by that time those lumens are pretty much useless. This idea is a good one, but don't use panda film, and make sure your paint and wood can handle the temperatures. Other than that, great! Let's see that diagram, eh? :D
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Shit I didn't think about the heat actually :P lucky you reminded me or i probably would have built it then relised :P


Im thinking about using this stuff called Astro Foil, says it provides insulation, light reflectivity 97% water resistant... $11 per square metre.. What you think?


If not what if i was to make a bit of a bat wing reflector thing from some beer cans?


:D nimer i fucked that pm up a bit.... $315 for a 600w with large nova shade :angry:


Thanks mates!

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I just called him and it is 220$ with a large nova and 355$ with a jumbo Nova :-D cant beat that :-D i just talked to the guy and he said he is happy for me to put his addy on the website so here it is :-D



Hydroworx Hydroponics

Unit 2/ 25 Boyland Ave

Coopers Plains QLD 4108

ph: (07) 3272 7111

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