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I am starting to grow my own after 10 years and need help.I am looking at getting Afghani and Sweet Tooth#3.I am going for around 6 plants and wanted some really good potent smoke for my personal and a high yielder for mates(give to mates).Is there a better combo that i could get?.I am going to order from SPC and wanted peoples opinions on what they are/would use.Is afghani as potent as people say?.I really want some good smoke that blows my mind.



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Guest GrowMad

Hey Bageera,


I have 4 Afghani clones from SPC here atm. I got them about a week or so ago. From what I have been told these are very potent (the smell of the clones is already getting me stoned... :( ). I hope odour is not a problem for ya... :(


Don't know much about ST#3 tho, sorry...

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I have an SPC B'shen going at the moment, the heads are so tight and solid that they could be used as a club to knock out a thick sculled federal politician. I'm considering the SPC Indica next, The B'shen is without doubt the best plant to see the inside of my grow room in my memory, pity it's a Sativa Dominant at a time I am looking for Indica.



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Guest Field_of_Light
Im a huge fan of white widow derivatives......try white rhino.....there are plenty of pics of it on the net...straight unhybridised white widow I dont think is a prolific yielder but.....the hybrisdised versions tend to do a fair bit better
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Afghani isn't super potent, its not that potent at all, and I find its very leafy, its a good solid strain, but more of a breeders plant than anything else.


Haven't grown sweet tooth or big bud, but I knew a commercial grower who used sensi big bud, and I gotta say that the strain gets a bad wrap, its not that weak, it has no taste, but its not as weak as people say,

On my rating scale, (if skunk #1 is 5 out of 10)

is Afghani 4

Big Bud 3


Also I'll say it again, Great White Shark blows White Rhino away in yield, and Misty (homegrown fantaseeds) yields pretty high as well, I've spent alot of money and time on the white family.

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Guest Field_of_Light
Where oh where can I get some Great white Shark...without having to pay 180 for the seeds...like I did from the hermaphrodite king Marc emery :angry:
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