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Water cooled HPS lights

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Why would you benefit from using a water cooled light anyway unless your using 1000 watts in a refrigerator case.


IMHO the hassle with pipework ect would cancel out any stealth to the grow.


Your going to have to ventilate the growroom anyway so why not use aircooled and kill two birds with the one stone.

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There would be a few reasons for using water cooled lights over air cooled lights.


1)Water cooled lights remove about 95% of the heat emitted by the light. Air cooled remove agout 50%.


2)Ability to put lights virtually on top of plants without getting a hot spot and burning top of plants.


3)Brillant for people running C02 into room and dont want to have in/out air fans on, so the co2 can work. (fans need to be hooked up to a co2 controller)


4)No air-con needed in room, thus using less power and no need for a a/c hanging out of the window.


5)Makes it heaps harder for arseholes using infared scanners to find plants.


6)Totally silent operation, unlike aircooled fans.

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yeh watercooled is the way 2 go, can sit them 1000w in amongst canopy (no heat)http://www.computerpannen.com/cwm/otn/happy/zahn.gif trouble is water jackets grow mould VERY Quickly inside an are fucked to keep cleaned. I prefer air cooled shade with a coupla inline fans, not as cool as water jackets, but less hassle ;) .

cheeers Mozz :P


p.s. the water jackets do make a noise cos you gotta have the pump running :P

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