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Oh No,


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Ever got outa bed one morning, had a quick piss and scuffled down to your grow room to discover that the pride and joy you put all your hopes on started to look like the one in this this pic ?


Unless your going to start a seed stash or knock up some of Urby's recipies, PULL IT...its a male :D


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wow UGLY would cry........but then u shouldnt have that problem if you sex your plants b4 putting them into flower it is very easily done while in veg turn lights to 6 hrs for 3 days any males will show there sex which u pull and the girls that r left you put back to 18/6 and they will b ready to go ..and you wont eva have this problem of finding a male........cheers :P
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Guest Field_of_Light

Hey I paid 180 US for some seeds from Marc Emery which didnt look that bad but were kind of inbetween...hermaphroditic?


I was so happy with th Great white Seeds...I nearly booked a flight to see him especially.....


Compounding it the after sales service was non existant...even to my emails

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Sorry to see any grower have that misfortune Buddy. :o

I had the same thing happen to me,except the balls were not as noticeable,they looked like tiny little buds comind on,bugger!

The cause of my girls turning into putrid males( ::D: ),was as i eventually discovered was light leaks! ;)

A little L.E.D light,like what you get on a smoke alarm, in a closed room can make your plants change sex!

Does not need to be much light!!!!

Hope this helps new growers with this type of problem! :D

Thats about it for now,rattled on for long enough

Hope to make some new friends and swap knowledge.

Catchya's later.

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