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Howard, Blair and Bush are war criminals

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read on sky news not to long ago that an international lawyer based in london believes that if the war in iraq is found to be illegal, howard bush and blair will all be prosecuted for war crimes :thumbsup


on the last page of the story, it said if the war is found to be illegal and howard leaves australia after his term in office is up, he'll be prosecuted :peace:


sucks to think that it might only happen if he is out of power and out of the country but im sure we could give him a nice retirement holiday if it came down to it B)


on the bright side of things, if the war is found to be illegal, the leaders of the countries who went to war should be held accountable for all the loss of life in the war, thats thousands of lives, each with a possible 25 year sentence :thumbsup


here is a pitcure for you, howard getting locked up for 25,000 years for kissing american ass and going to war, just seeing his face as the sentence is handed down would complete my life ::P:

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well i belive the final decision on wether the war was illegal or not falls down to a majority vote in the UN. If thats the case, the UN told the USA every time it got the chance that the war was illegal, they are technically invading another country, the evidence supplied by intelligence agencies was re-worked to make the threat of bio-terrorism seem more probable, etc. etc. etc.


now when the US army finally got ahold of saddam, they decided to hold him accountable for every life that he has taken or ordered to be taken, each with a possible 25 years to life sentence...why in the fuck should our nations leaders be any different? they started a war over oil, 1000s have died on all sides, evidence has been tampered with to fool the public, no weapons of mass destruction were found, no actual threat to our nations' was found at all :scratchin


IMO the leaders should be held resposible and if that means giving howard, blair and bush a few thousand years in prison or if i got my way, lethal injection, so be it :yingyang


For some reason though I can't see it happening, the USA and all of their secret services would stop it from happening =)


for some reason i see them trying to do something as well, i dont see a US president ever surrendering, even to the collective voice of the world :thumbdown IMO if that happens, the USA should be removed from the UN for atleast 50 years to teach them a lesson...if i was in the UN and that happened, i would recommend while the ban is on the USA, that every other nation in the UN collective takes a stance against the USA and its war policies...basically turn the world against the united states if they ever started another war, instead of WWIII, it'd be USA vs the rest of the world...


honestly, i really hope the war is found illegal, our nations leaders are found to be guilty and eventually executed :peace: would send an extremely strong message to every nations leader in the world and if their life is as much on the line as the soldiers they would send to their death, im very sure many wars will be prevented in the future :thumbsup


i just cant see why countries get all shitty with one another, bush had problems with saddam and took it out on iraq, IMO bush and saddam should have gone 9 rounds, bare knuckles and by the end of the 9th round, declare a winner and leave it at that...

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Illegal war is just a new name for an invasion of another country, Saddam needed to go but G. W. Bush should really admit that he was covering up that he was just cleaning up the mistake his daddy made in putting Saddam in power in the first place and that he wanted to control some of the richest oil fields in the middle east. He hasn't found any weapons of mass destruction and neither has he caught Osama ben Ladin who was also given much of his power by a former US government. He does however, persecute his own people and meddle in the affairs of every other country in the world, Bush, Howard and Blair need to go just as much as Saddam and those like him. We now need world leaders that can get together and work out the more serious problems like famine and the environment, it’s time to put the stoners in charge! :peace: ::P:



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so the definitions for a legal war are if saddam invades kuwait thats illegal, but if george invades iraq,afganistan, bunch of countrys in south america, and any were else he chooses, thats legal,

no wonder i have such a hard time figuring things out in the world,

thats at least the second head of a country he's gone and got, anyone remember general noriega,

maybe he'll come and get johnny if were lucky

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