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Eating plain hash?

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i had a simular idea ages back, sadly the human body isnt the best at digesting vegetative matter :thumbdown but if you cut it up into really small chunks and ate that it should make it disolve a bit better and get you more stoned...


fact of the matter is you'll get more smashed by smoking hash rather than eating it although if you made cannabutter using hash you could make anything hella potent :P

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To be honest you probably wont feel any effect atall from eating uncooked hash. your best bet is to encorporate it in some kind of food e.g brownies. One good idea about eating hash iv'e heard is hash yogurts.


first poor some cooking oil into a spoon, then put the hash in with the oil and heat it up untill all the hash melts. Stir this into a yogurt or another similar type of food.

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Guest Eikel
I've been reading through the forums and someone mentioned eating pill sized bits of hash.  Now does this really work?  Can I just go buy hash, eat it and get messed?


I tried eating Hash while I lived in Holland, here's my experience:


Went out and bought myself a quarter or so of WW bud (my favorite) from my local coffee-shop, As I paid for my bud, the guy there who knew me as a regular said "I have some good Afghani hash, just arrived, good for smoke, you want some, Aussie-guy?"


So I bought myself 2gm of the hash - this was the first time I'd bought anything other than buds of various strains. I went home and smoked some bud, which I enjoyed, and put the hash in my jacket pocket...


Later that night we'd gone to the only KFC store in Amsterdam (just up from Centraal Station), and I felt in my pocket and remembered the hash. I broke the chunk into 4 roughly-equal parts and myself and another guy chewed it and washed it down with our drinks.


1/2 an hour later I can only describe the affects as "Hypnotic", I was walking around in a daze (fortunately we were a group of 5 or so), and would zone-out while looking at street-lights as we walked along. I don't really remember much, apart from thinking "wow, I'm pretty fucked up!".


So yeah, that's my story, and yes, you can get fucked-up by eating hash.


However, I believe the reason we got so screwed was because we ate the hash AFTER having a large amount of high-fat food (KFC chicken & chips) and it was absorbed by the fat in our stomachs and slowly processed through our bodies through the night.


I intend to try this again in Australia after I harvest and make some of my own Bubblehash.

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Guest medcannabis
To be honest you probably wont feel any effect atall from eating uncooked hash.


Fitz hugh ludlow

The Hasheesh Eater


Search for the mp3 of terrence mckenna reading it.


I presume it were simply hash measured into grains.


I don't see why you wouldn't feel any effect. Possibly it may not digest too well if you swallow blocks, but tiny balls or powder washed down with liquid (milk is good) should do the trick.

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  • Admin

Eating it is fine just don't expect the same experience as smoking it or even cookies etc.. Although I have found "hashish butter" cookies (just simmered butter with grated hashish melted into it just before adding to cookies etc) seem to be different to your usual water, butter n trim method for some reason...


The hash just puts a different spin on things... There's that tripping feeling where you just keep sliding in and out of it... In my experience anyway.


I eat chunks of it or melt it into a warm drink whenever I couldn't be bothered being a cook...


Chew that chocolate & go for a ride :P lol :P lol :D :P :D



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mate of mine travels quite a lot and he always takes a large chunk of hash with him, when he's about to go through customs he puts it in his mouth and sucks it like a lolly. if he feels sus he justs swallows it, he says it takes less than 30sec to dissovle in your stomach acid and depending on how big the block is your stoned for a very long time. even if customs do pull you up your sweet. supposedly a well known canadian trick. not sure if i believe it but heard it more than once now.
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yeah well if i was carrying around some hash when trying to cross the border i would try and eat it too :P, would be kinda hard to talk, expecially when your sucking down chunks of hash and getting wasted as :P


i would still rather smoke than eat it unless i had a decent amount then it would be mud caking it all the way with some really potent cannabutter :P

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