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have you ever

have you ever lit your hair or cloths on fire while trying to lite a pipe or other smoking device  

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I had a mate who was lighting a bong at the beech, he used his towel over his head to shelter the lighter, but it was a fluffy bath towel and a juiced up lighter so the towel caught fire wich lit his hair on fire. He looked sooo funny as he ran screeming and smoking into the surf to put himself out :)
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I never lit my clothes or anything else on fire when lighting up some cannabis, however I did something equally as careless. I was working on making a pipe and had just pulled it out of the flame, the glass glowing red hot and I was trying to get it into the best light to see the design I was working on, so without thinking I brought it in close to my chest to look at the design I was working on and it was radiating so much heat that my shirt just started to burn without even touching anything, but I didnt realize it until my chest started feeling the heat and by then there was a big black burn in my shirt.
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I cant tell you how many times i have been using some shitty ass bong and ive taken my finger off the shotty or taken my mouth off the mouthpiece and any shit thats left over in the cone leaps out and lands on my pants. the ember puts holes everywhere. haha i dont know how to stop it..it is probably something i am doin wrong.


Haha there was another time when me and a few mates had a smoke an one of my friends (he makes fireworks for a living) was playing with my lighter. so there i am after they have all gone home in my room about to have a cone before bed and i flick my lighter with my mouth on the mouthpiece of my bong and then holy shit the flame is burning my hair off. No joke the flame was about 40 cm long haha i asked my mate what he did to it the next day, when i had only 1 eyebrow and half my fringe was gone haha he said he was playing with it and took some safety thing off it..and it can only be done with adjustable lighters. have to say it was pretty funny..if im not makin sense im sorry guys im so baked right now but yeh thats my story.

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