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valium to treat cannabis use.

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My girlfriend recently went to hospital after collapsing at work.

Once there they went through the regular "do you take drugs" "what drugs do u take". She was honest and replied she enjoys a couple of scoobs in the evening.

So anyway, after a headscan they found she had a slightly fractured skull and would have to stay overnight. As we were getting settled in her room, the drugs and alcohol advisor ( a middle aged woman wearing too much make-up and too little clothing) arrived for a "chat". After making it very clear anyone that takes an illegal substance has serious emotional issues, she was ready to prescribe four valium a day to try and stop her "evil" ways. She refused and walked outside to light up a spliff. :smoke

As I'm sure some of you will know valium is more addictive than smack. This lady had obviously got her info from a very biased source. And may have even been getting perks from the honest, caring people that make valium.

We were "educated" enough to tell her to blow it out her ass, but I cant help and wonder how many young people with their nieve parents walk in their with a small pot habit. And walk out with a pocket full of valium. :detective2: :gun2: :devilred:

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if a want 2 get off ya guts on OTC meds try REST-I-VENTS a couple of these babies and your totally relaxed, very similiar to valium feeling.


And the best part is that you can buy then over the counter, if the pharmacy dude gets suss, tell him you just got back from a plane trip overseas and your having jet lag. Works well.



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i do not beleive in our modern medicin and i certinly do not beleive in psycho therapy that requires serious amounts of dangaroo chemicals. it makes no sense to replace one slightly adictive substance with one highly adictive substance other than that the government gets a cut and big bussness gets a cut on the valium and lose out on weed.


from personal experience i say keep the weed. manufactured poisons are infinetly more evil than anything mother nature ever created

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