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:o Attention all QLD Stoners and Stoners abroad!


It's time to put MASSIVE pressure on the QLD Government to Decriminalise MJ.


Imagine working as a government official and being BOMBARDED by people demanding that you push for MJ law reform. How long would it take you even if you hated MJ before you got the shits and decided it would be for the best.


If you are interested in organizing for your right to smoke MJ then PM me and i will assign you a target and instructions of what messages to send that person. If five people send just one message a day for 2 weeks thats 70 messages a government office has to respond to. Lets make em hear us.


If you want to contact these people urselves then thats GREAT, below i will post an attachment file that contains the names and contact details of key QLD officials who should be made aware of the rights they are allowing to be trampled.


When contacting them do not use bad langauge or manners etc. and include a question you would like answered that way they must respond to your letter. Do not make threats or incriminate yourself or others in any way. State clearly your understanding of MJ and MJ law and use examples of other states success with decriminalising MJ. If you can try to get your friends involved by sending letters and emails also.


Please keep us updated on your progress within this topic. PM me if you have any questions or concerns and i will do my best to help.




OrwellianMind. :o


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:detective2: Key personal You should Contact First.


Minister for Health :smoke


Nuttall, Hon. Gordon Richard, MP Tel: (07) 3234 1191

Minister for Health Fax: (07) 3229 4731

Level 19, State Health Building

147-163 Charlotte Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

GPO Box 48, Brisbane QLD 4001 CDE M16

E-mail: health@ministerial.qld.gov.au


Minister for Police and Corrective Services :gun2:


Spence, Hon. Judith Caroline (Judy) (Ms), MP Tel: (07) 3239 0199

Minister for Police and Corrective Services Fax: (07) 3221 9985

Level 24, State Law Building

50 Ann Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

PO Box 15195, City East QLD 4002 CDE M30

E-mail: police@ministerial.qld.gov.au


Attorney-General and Minister for Justice


Welford, Hon. Rodney Jon (Rod), MP Tel: (07) 3239 3478

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Fax: (07) 3220 2475

Level 18, State Law Building

50 Ann Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

GPO Box 149 , Brisbane QLD 4001 CDE D28

E-mail: attorney@ministerial.qld.gov.au


Premier and Minister for Trade :devilred:


Beattie, Hon. Peter Douglas, MP Tel: (07) 3224 4500

Premier and Minister for Trade Fax: (07) 3221 3631

Level 15, Executive Building

100 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

PO Box 15185, City East QLD 4002 CDE M31

E-mail: premiers@ministerial.qld.gov.au






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The Policy Makers


Law & Justice Policy


14th Floor, Executive Building Tel: 322 42974

Fax: 3222 2804


Executive Director.....................Tony Keyes..................340 62120

Directors..............................Kate Ellis..................340 62121

Mary Burgess................322 48989

Kyla Hayden.................322 48989

Manager, Criminal Justice Research.....Sue Bell....................322 78436

Project Director, Integrated Justice

Information Strategy (IJIS)..........Judy Dionysius..............322 78537


Queensland Law Reform Commission


7th Floor, State Law Building Tel: 324 74544

50 Ann Street, Brisbane QLD 4001 Fax: 3247 9045

PO Box 312, Brisbane Roma Street QLD 4003

Director.................................Penelope Cooper...........324 74550




OrwellianMind :detective2:

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It's great to see people responding to this post.


To Update:


I have posted this thread at five other prominant MJ website forums and am in the process of writing individualised emails/letters to the various "powers that be".


In regards to whether or not to contact people in power who may be dead against MJ and/or pigs; there is nothing illegal in contacting an MP when you have a concern. They must respond without bias and anything more (such as sending the pigs in) would be harrasment. If anyone is harrased in this way send me the details of the harrasment and i will forward it to a man i know (from going to school with his daughter) in the CJC (Criminal Justice Commission) who will promptly put his foot up their culry tailed arse.


There is something to be said for power in numbers. These MP's are in the job because the public have allowed them to be, and they must respond to the concerns of the people they represent. And MP's are a very small number indeed when compared to the amount of people smoking MJ who are facing up to 20 years in prison if caught.


The winds are changing.



OrwellianMind. :detective2:

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Below i will post a letter suitable to be sent. all that is needed for you to send this is to insert the name of the official and your details. Don't expect an immediate response however if you dont recieve one within three weeks send the letter again and indicate you sent it three weeks earlier and recieved no response


Dear ....................


I am writing to you in regards to a concern I have that is shared by many others also. This is not the last letter you will receive on this subject of this I am sure.


Current QLD state law holds the use in any form of the plant cannabis sativa as a criminal offence, punishable by as much as a 20 year sentence in a correctional facility. This is in fact total prohibition, which you may or may not be aware has been responsible for creating a market for organised crime whenever it has been used. No direct health risks have been proven to exist with the use of cannabis other than the smoking of it, which is on a par with tobacco. One in five Queenslanders have used cannabis at some point in their lives and these rates are even higher for young adults. If every one of these people was locked up that would be over twenty percent of the states population in prison. Of course that would never happen as the use of cannabis has no victim and goes on in secret, only being discovered by police, usually when they are investigating something else. The laws on amounts of cannabis in a persons possession are not geared towards busting dealers at all. in fact what other states have deemed as personal use amounts are enough to land a person in prison for 5 to 25 years.


This is quite honestly unacceptable. as a Queensland resident I strongly protest this victimisation and ask of you to push for cannabis law reform.


I have a few questions i would like you to answer for me please:


1) What is you view on the use of cannabis?

2) Have you ever used cannabis yourself?

3)Do you know anyone of your friends or family to have used cannabis?

4)What steps have you or will you take for cannabis law reform?

5) If you are against cannabis use in any form, how do you believe the state should deal with offenders?

6) In your opinion, is the state spending to much money money on dealing with small quantity possessions? Why or why not?


Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this letter.


Again, thank you for your time.


(name and email contact)

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