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Magic Water Pipe

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IMO magic waterpipe have ruined the ausie market with cheaper asian manufcturing it has forced even peopel like agung to venture overseas


If you want to see more range from them check tobacconists they tend to be the ones that stock em


you will find it will probably smash the first time it drops aswell , if not your just lucky :( , My agung has been dropped a few times and is no worse for wear :D

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Funny Pure, my friends MWP gripper smashed when it got knocked over [from its own height]...ah god there is no worse sound than the crack of a glassy half way through a sesh...however to be fair I won't say my experience qualifies as quantitative evidence of MWP quality...as it was the only MWP ive seen :(
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Guest medcannabis

Agung are well bloody priced if you find a good little tobacconist. around $35 for a single bubble, long slightly slanted neck, about 30cm tall, maybe bigger. All different types for around the same price.


Only downfall, and my fault aswell, the ones with indented glass at the base of the neck to hold ice cubes, if you make the mistake of dropping a metal ended hose down the neck to fill it up, those little glass indents break with the slightest touch. Outside glass is nice and tough though.

I think when you drop glass, you're bloody lucky or you're not. I've dropped really small thin bongs from standing height onto bricks and it bounced. Then the same one falling over whilst on the ground and it smashed into many pieces, eh go figure.

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In the last 4 months i have gone through 5 bongs.


The first was a standard agung midi.

It was a realy fucking good bong.


Sturdy base, thick glass.

But the test of time and me taking around everywhere wore it down and eventualy cracked.


The next was a large double chamber MWP.

All i can say:

Looks fucking cool, smokes realy well, but the glass is so fucking thin, and it broke realy easily, from its own height just like warped said.

I then got a realy awesome agung ice bong which was similar to the first, however i have no idea how it broke, cau si lent it to my mate, and he broke it.




he replaced it with a MWP ceramic, and no shit, this it one of the greatest bongs i have ever smoked from.


Its sturdy, small, and it can pack a realy good punch.


I recomend MWP ceramics to all my friends.


In regards to the web site, i have also been curious to its location for a few months now...


Guess we will just have to wait..



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I've gone through several bongs over the past. I find Agung is of unequalled quality, Had about eight over the years and never had one that which has unexpectantly broken. I have bought one of the bent tube MWP bongs and when i got home from the shop, i pushed the stem down another 10mm and it broke at the bonza grommet. I found the glass at the mouth piece was plenty thick enough but at this part it was less than 1mm in thickness. Pathetic.


Glass Vs Ceramic:


Glass seems much smother to smoke however it does get fucking grubby fucking quickly. A few mates say they prefer ceramic because it isn't so disgusting but i prefer to see what i am smoking. Rather than bake in my neglect.


Ceramic however does generally take a few drop before death, but is heavier and i have found the grommet rarely makes a good seal as the hole is usually too big.


The ultimate bong has been found. It is not very practical if you tend to be clumsy but if you want to get bloody belted it is the shit. Although i am not a fan of MWP, They have created a beast called te CYCLONE. It has large bubbles with tiny pin holes angled in that make the smoke spin as it comes up through the bong, like the coriolis Effect (Spinning water in the toilet). Usually i will smoke 20-30 cones after work each night, Since i have had this i have not gotten past 6 cones over six hours. I just get so blitzed i just sit there holding the bong for hours on end without even having a ciggie. Great bong bad brand though.


Each bong is made seperately so make sure you check for imperfections before you buy.


Keep smoking all

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i have had 3 bongs sitting infront of me with the 1 bowl of buds, all 3 bongs gave very different results ranging from coughing my lungs up to pulling a cone with no harshness + improved taste....what i have found though is that the high is the same regardless of what you are smoking through, but a smoother bong will allow the user to hold smoke in longer which gives more thc so they are technically getting slighty more stoned lol
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IMO magic waterpipe have ruined the ausie market with cheaper asian manufcturing it has forced even peopel like agung to venture overseas


This is a real shame. Where are Agung located, I thought they were Indonesian anyway?

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