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New Munchies Invention

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Warning: Don't read the following stoned rants if u r not stoned, they won't make sense until you go smoke a cone (go on).


Best invention ever, if u r stoned and have munchies (like i did b4) u look for some real food and find donuts.


1. Get donuts


2. Stick 4 Skittles (Orange, Red, Blackcurrent, Green in clockwise order form 12 o clock) in each donut.


3. Get a chive (onion leek type herb thing) and chop a good sized leaf of that up and sprinkle in the hole of the donmut, till it's overflowing!!


4. Get 2 Jatz, break in half and put a quarter jat on the bottom of donuts (to give appearance of a mouth)


5. Get a good thick slice of cheese, break into 4 and stick on each donut, from the middle, pointing right to give illusion of nose


6. Put a small chunk of beef jerky in middle of each one, on top of the chives.


7. Sprinkle with milo (hehe)


8. Decorate using gold jewellery.


Hey check out that double rainbow...

...uhhh...oh yeah...This is the best fucking thing in the world when stoned, don't knock it till you've tried it man. An here some pics of it:




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i am saying this only becaseu i am a chef and have been at least helping to cook for almost 16 years now while i know stoners are inventive but good ganja god man :blink: i do not see how you could eat that im not knocking it im just saying i ahve never heard of a cmbo like that but i am goin to make them just so i can try them i hope my stomach is as strong as yours
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No offence dude...


Im sure they taste absolutly fucking brilliant..


But that actualy looks realy fucking nasty...


The grey shit looks like the mould u get on bread if u leave it for too long.




and i still dont get the silver chain...?


I cant exactly talk... i eat some of the most wrank shit when im on munch duty...


Like 7/11 Travel pies.... fucking nasty that shit is like 80% steak fat...


15% dog food gravy


5% flavouring





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haha, i forgot about this thread until now. hey like i wouldn't go and eat that shit man, not four of 'em anyways.


i felt like shit later that night and i won't go into details of me on the dunny the next morning, haha. oh the stoner stupidity. it was either that or eat my own hand haha!!


hell i wouldn't go eating something like just plain cinnamon donuts when stoned i remember one time me and a mate polished off a 24 pack before watching a movie and you just feel like puking afterwards.


well anyone reading this now, please feel free to disregard above recipe... ::):

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