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Phycedelic strain?

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yeah i have seen that description before too, forget where now but apparently it could induce phycosis, make u see/hear things and generally fuck u up hard core lol


was a 90-95% sativa i think but i sure as hell wouldnt buy a strain that could do that....i prefer getting stoned, being happy and mellowing out rather than schitzing out and ending up in the local mental ward :rolleyes:

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why dont you take in a huge hit, and cough ..it may just be me..but the last time i done that..jesus christ..i dunno what the strain was but i had a blue light flashing in front of me and i couldnt see anything except that and a white light before that..then within 5minutes i had the biggest come down..was on the floor, couldnt get up..i actually wanted to puke to make it better (it usually clears your head)..well..nothing came up :rolleyes:..no real point in this post but it says Psychadelic so i thought id tell ya my story!
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:P , cool thanks guys, ive also heard of a "nevilles haze" thats supposed to be a nice one... ill let u know if i find any..




I'd check out The Flying Dutchmen - They have "Original Haze" and also some very nice looking haze hybrids bred for indoor growing. A pure haze would be hard to get a good yield with indoors.


Fuma Con Diablos looks like the shit IMO and will be the first strain I'm buying this year.

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