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First time grower, Outdoor Far North Queensland

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Hey guys, I'm a first time grower and know the basics have planted a few before, wondering when best time to plant would be, if I was to plant right now when would I be expecting to harvest and how much is get out of a plant, and if I was to start in Augustish time when would they be ready and how much per plant to expect. Cheers
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I have 5 going atm.

2 x Blue Dream

3 x Gorilla Glue

Planted 6 weeks ago.


Indoor outdoor.

Days outdoors, nights indoors under 2 x 300w LEDs. Around 18/6 lighting all up.


Will leave outside to flower after 10 weeks.


Aiming for 6+Oz


Then back inside under 18/6 to reveg ready for the 2021 outdoor season.

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