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Stealth Backyard Growing Hacks?

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Hey yous,


I'm looking for ideas for a stealthly, low-profile way to get one or two plants on my backyard veranda. They'd have to stand up to casual scrutiny, but I understand there isn't much that can withstand close inspection.


I'm living in a suburb where its hard to locate good guerilla sites, and I don't have the time to do a lot of looking (young kids eat up time like you wouldn't believe, and there's no way my wife is going to accept me popping out for hours just to look at the ground). So, I'm thinking of how to do this with things like creative trellising, fake clip-on flowers etc.


It seems there must be some material here, but since OzStoners has been going for decades (and my TOR browser is slow), its taking me forever to find good examples. If anyone knows of a good example/discussion here on the site, would you mind pointing me to the link? I'd really appreciate it.





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If you have young children, grow it where you can lock it away from them. If busted you don't want the fuzz doing the whole "endangering children through producing a dangerous drug" BS. Or if they do, you can prove otherwise.


A guerrilla fridge grow on the veranda? There is an awesome journal in here where a guy converted a fridge to a stealth grow.

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Hey Abe :peace: I know of one that's not really a veranda caper but it is awesome stealth and camo-check out Devilspine's content he had a ripper.


I just have my old closet for the minute (lockable) with a bunch of crap around it...kinda like the rest of the garage lol ...but outside is my dream lol


Peace to you Abe's son and deep us posted-I love these ones!!!! v :sun:

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