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Someone got busted BIGTIME


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"He's just stuck in an AJ moment. He's worse than a hormonal woman, at least theirs is only once a month  I'm not sure what Pedro's excuse is. Male menopause or something?????"


Good one Merl, and you wonder why I hang shit on ya 


If ya really want to know, not that you do, but for the other stnuc wanting to know why I'm not posting on TSE, its because the princess that runs the show over there, barred/banned me from logging on 



Keep up the good work Merl, ya good for a laugh fucked in the head bloke

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Has been a while Pedro.

Welcome back.


Im sure Merlin was just trying to shake you loose from your hiding spot. Seems to have worked.

Good on ya Merlin. :)


Clear your cache of TSE cookies. You may be able to sneak back in.


Oh.....and Chill. You are probably missed is all.  If that’s even possible. ....Hahahaha. 

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Its just a game me and the "fucked in the head bloke" play occasionally, she/it/? normally loses and crawls back under its rock 


its going with the "ahh poor unloved AJ, its just not fair" ATM, lol fucking DC it is 



Merl is ya typical "anti everything" the poor arse flog, had one to many anal probes probably( the ABC corona test) 




I'm chilled (been busy as fuck), living in Vic we are all chilled atm lol (not today tho, got a bit of global warming happing)

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